Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Changing of the Guard

Dear Friends!

Our blog is on air for 1,5 year now. It was wonderful time for me as a blog editor and I am glad I had an opportunity to work with a great editorial stuff and meet online so many interesting people! But it is time to change the guard :-) and I would like to introduce you Magda, who is going to run POLetsy blog from now on. Magda is running an Etsy shop madebymada and writing about her crafts and life both english and polish at her two blogs.

Magda, please tell us a little bit about your plans for POLetsy blog. 

From now on I will do my bests to run this Blog. Of course not on my own. With this special crew we will try to show you the best polish crafts and handmade wonders :) I admire Ana and girls who done so much great work here and made this Blog an inspiring place. Thank You. 

I will do my bests to continue their work, so here it is what we are planning for next few months - the main themes:

Featured seller by FeelingArtsy 
Creative material - Bialakura
creative space - Me
mosaic - Lilnut
Polish customs and holidays - AsiaBataev

Of course, this is not everything :) But you need to stay tuned to know more! So I encourage you to sign for Blog newsletter:

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And here are few more words from me. If you'd like to contact blog editor, contact Magda - > click.
I also encourage to meet editorial stuff: click here. 

Thank you for following us on POLetsy and see you on Etsy!


  1. Thank you girls
    And Rose thank you so much for this post and all you work put in here :)

    Wish you all great weekend !

  2. Congratulations and good luck!

  3. Thank you very much for running this blog.
    Magda- congratulations! We will be with you:)


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