Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17th - International Cat Day

International Cat Day is celebrated in Poland since 2006, but in Italy this tradition lasts since 1990. Throughout the ages, these wonderful creatures were worshiped as gods (goddess Bastet in ancient Egipt), worked as special agents in Police (Fred the Undercover Kitty in New York Police), healers (Cat Oscar in Providence), etc. 
This post is going to be not about us, POLetsy sellers. I'd like to introduce you our inspiring four legged friends!


Harold came from nowhere. One day we just found him in our backyard. - says Max, photographer.
He was frightened and hungry. My whife gave him some food and we started to wonder, what we can do next. After we asked our neighbors and local animal shelter if anyone is looking for him, we decied to open the door to our house and wait for cat's reaction. Harold run into as fast as he could and decided to stay with us.


Nuszkis was the smallest and the thinest cat in the shelter. When my husband went there, she followed his every step. Yes, it's Nuszkis picked us - Kasia smiles.

Nuszkis "at work"
When she grew up, we found out she is a British Shorthair cat. She's very tame with children, she follows us everywhere, helps with domestic duties and, of course, with my jewelry works and decoupage. She hates, when she have to stay at home alone and always sleeps on my pillow. 

Well, these guys looks like Men in Black... Antonina and Kiciunia

I have four cats in my house. All of them got there by accident - says Ania
The oldest one is Gustaw, he's 17 years old, the youngest - 4 year old Antonina. Unfortunately, they fight with each other all the time, especially ladies and Rudolf. I'm dreaming about having a white cat, but five cats in one house? It's madness. So maybe I'll just draw one some day.


I can't imagine my home without Kacper. Without him this place would be empty and dull - says Kornelia.
I moved in to my boyfriend's apartment and Kacper was there already. He got character and his favorite food is cheese.

Aniksi ViaAppia

My cat hates all human food, but coffee. At first I thought she likes milk I drink coffee with, but then I noticed she likes black coffee too. Just look at the photo, how she tries to reach coffee in my mug! - says Iwona
Niki is a British Shorthair cat. She totally fits me and my husband's charachters. 


One day my friend Jen found a litter of kittens and sent out an email with a photo. I told her I would take a girl because they don't get as big plus they don't spray. That's how I got Ally (named after one of my all time favorites - Ally McBeal). - remembers Kasia
A couple days later we went to the vet and she told us to think of another name. Me, the protective mother, pretty much told the lady off until my husband calmly explained that Ally was a boy. That's how Ally became Jack (this time after Captain Jack Sparrow). And he's worthy his name, truly crazy and a true pirate. He almost gave me a heart attack on several occasions like the day when he stepped in my blue paint and then continued walking around like nothing's happened or when he walked on the ledge of the building from our balcony to our neighbors. He's also my very own personal foot warmer. Either way, he's spoiled rotten and loved very much. 


She's hungry all the time! She loudly demands to show, what am I eating every time I eat my dinner - says Ania

All these stories are just a small part of what my team mates told me about their cats. We love them, we need them and they inspire us. Make sure to check THIS POST for Cat Day discounts, promos, treasuries and cat-related items by POLetsy.


Stefan - a real angel (photo by Alicja)


  1. Happy Cat Day to all cats and its owners :)

  2. they are all so lovely! :)) happy cat day!

  3. Drapię za uszkiem każdego kotka. :)

  4. Fantastic Kitty stories. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love it!!! I love all of the kitties!!! Thank you for including Jack!

  6. Every day should be international cat day!

  7. Well.. the story about my two cats is missing... ;)
    But I love them all! Great post!

  8. ahhh i love kitties! :D great post.

  9. adorable kittieees!! i didn't know it was, thank you for telling :D and sharing the sight of your amazing friends!

  10. Awwwwwww.... Cuteness Overload! :)

  11. Great post, such cute kitties!
    I'm a new follower from the pay it forward team on etsy. :)


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