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Blog is curated by a team of editors and it has regular series. We also have lots of other varied posts and articles. If you have any great ideas and would like to publish your article on POLetsy blog, contact Team Leader - madebymada .

Wondering, who is behind this blog since 1.10.2011 ?

 Mada - madebymada
Team Leader - chief editor
'crafting space' series

Isabella - NatureLook
"POLetsy deals of the month" series

Kasia - FeelingArtsy
'Featured seller' series

 Agnieszka - bialakura
'creative material' series

Eva - LookatthisHoney

Amelia - inameliart
Graphic designer


Facebook manager 

 Romana - Decoromana
Twitter manager

former crew :

Team Captain

Jagienka - KnitSpinFelt
Team Leader

Kasia - FeelingArtsy
'Featured Seller' series

Agnieszka - magnesina
'Photo editing' and 'Selling on Etsy' advices

Joanna - JoannaFelt
POLesty Facebook manager

Asia - asiabataev
POLetsy Twitter manager

Ela - egunia
Tech support

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