Monday, October 3, 2011

HELLO ETSY ! short review

I love Berlin!!  weekend ( September 17th &18th) meeting „Hello Etsy” was like a delicious chocolate bar for me! 
As you already know, it was the first Etsy conference and I should write - it was absolutely amazing!
It took place in an old factory, in Kreuzberg, near Checkpoint Charlie - the artists district.

I really liked practical workshops about product photography, image of your small business and stories told by other sellers.
Lots of interesting people and stories, lots of ideas and tips…I think I will surely go there next year!

If you were not in Berlin you can see some photos and videos from workshops and sessions here, it might be very helpful for your small business:

Some photos :)

 My bag near Alexander Platz

Dining room in old factory in the early morning

Sessions in control room

View from the roof on museum of old Wartburg and Trabant cars

Unfortunately I have not any photos from main room, which was stunning!

short review and all photos by Monika Zurawska - kangala


POLetsy handmade in Poland

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