Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creative Material: coral

Coral is one of the finest materials with which I had the chance to work with sais Karolina of LilNut. There are many varieties of coral, however, my darlings are cherry ones. Their color does draw attention. Its intense colour highlights the beauty of women with dark hair! It also goes superbly with the black clothing. Coral jewelry should be kept in cotton bag - Karolina continues - you should also avoid contact with detergents and potent substances - that could tarnish its surface.

Kasia of KicaBijoux sais: I of ten use coral In my jewellery Project because I love its natural warm look. I do appreciate its colour differences and interesting surface structure. What is most important for me: it goes perfectly with copper - no matter what colour it is!

Małgosia of Vivitoo adds: I love coral, especially red coloured. I’ve just discovered more colours and do trials. Coral came to me from Polish folk culture: our girls used to wear strands of coral beads - it was sign of wealth! Besides - they liked nice jewelry! I use coral in folk style pieces, I love this style very much! I’ve started to make textile jewelry "sea side style" with coral combined with pearls and glass beads and I'm glad of effect! Małgosia sais: I like irregular, roots shaped coral. It looks a little bit wild, but so interesting for imagination! I hope the best creations with coral still wait for me!


  1. Coral is still underestimated. When I hear "coral" my mind is always with coral reef, colorful fish and azure sea-shore. It takes me on a trip like amber does :)

    Thank you Agnieszka !

  2. I love coral, great jewellery!

  3. NO, proszę, jakie kreatywne panie! :)

  4. BArdzo fajne znaleźiska
    te kolczyki KicaBijoux są boskie

  5. I have a thing for coral, but it's got to be bright red!
    That cuff is amazing!

  6. Beautiful finds! :) I also bought some coral beads lately and I plan to make a necklace of it. :)

  7. Wszystkie prace są świetne:)


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