Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FEATURED SELLER: Art Poppy - Aneta Drohomirecka

I would like to thank Aneta for taking the time to share some of her life with us. She lives in Wroclaw, Poland with her husband and two highly energetic boys :)

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When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a teacher (this is probably the dream of many little girls) Then I wanted to be a doctor and an artist – a painter or interior designer. I love drawing and painting, and as a child, I would never be parted from my beloved crayons or paints. I even had a serious plan to go to art school, but my life turned out differently and I choose another profession. Now, making jewelry, I have fulfilled a part of my childhood dream.

What inspires you to create your work? How did you get started?
It all started not so long ago, it was last year. By chance, I came across an art gallery online, were I saw this wonderful handmade jewelry using a wire-wrapping techniques. This jewelry charmed me with its extraordinary delicacy to the extent that I decided to give it a try. Since then, wire-wrapping technique totally consumed my life. My greatest inspiration comes from the many experienced artists I have found, because through their work I begun my own adventure into jewelry making. In addition, almost everything inspires me – Nature itself, Floral, Oriental & Celtic design, architecture and so much more.

Who is your biggest hero?
My biggest hero is my mother. She completely sacrificed her life and career for her family. I inherited all my art talent from her. She taught me a lot and gave me a lot of love, attention and guidance. Whenever I have a problem, I can always count on her advice.

What is your studio or workspace like?
My workplace is a desk in my living room. It has special shelves that can be raised up high to keep my supplies away from the kids. At least that was the plan. My clever and curious boys now manage to climb on top of my desk to peak at what Mommy hides from them. ;)

One day, I hope to have a whole room for myself where peace and tranquility will reign...and where I will have just more space ;)

If you could meet and invite three people (past or present) to a dinner party, who would they be and why?
First, I would invite my husband because that would be excellent opportunity for us to relax, we spend together far too little time. I would like to meet and talk with Iza Malczyk - she is my jewelry guru, I would like to talk with her about wire wrapping technique, ask for some technical tips. And finally Tracy Hogg - author of books "Infants Language" and "Two-year-old Baby Language" ;)...maybe she could advise me how to tame my full-of-energy children ;-)

With a family and the demands of daily life, how do you find time to create? Any advice for other mothers?
It is really difficult. Especially when your children are very small and they are at home all day and you cannot count on any help. My idea is to do various household duties together with children - cleaning, cooking combining this with fun, but with jewelry, it is not possible because I use dangerous tools, burner, and chemical substances. Therefore, I mainly work at night when my children are asleep - but maybe this is not really good advice. ;-) I look forward to when both of my sons will go to school, then I can finally make jewelry during the day.

What has been the best part of joining Etsy so far?
The best part is that I can share my creativity with a wider range of people around the world. It feels wonderful and gives me confidence as my work gains recognition in the eyes of people, not only in my country, but also abroad.

Thank you, Aneta :)




  1. Beautiful pieces of jewelry! So nice to know you better, Aneta :) Thank you, Jonathan!

  2. Great to know you better! Love your work! And love Wrocław even more!!

  3. I'm really thrilled with your jewelry. Thank you for cool reading.

  4. Bardzo lubię Wrocław :) Spędziłam tam jeden z najfajniejszych pół roku w moim życiu :)

  5. Thank you so much :)
    Ana - Wrocław niestety nie jest moim rodzinnym miastem...ani miejscem gdzie chciałabym zostać na zawsze ;)....ale piękny jest to fakt :)

  6. Piękny wywiad, miło zobaczyć Twoje pociechy Poppy.:) Do zobaczenia we Wrocławiu.

  7. Lovely interview:) and great work!

  8. No no Anetka. Pełen podziw i szacunek. Jesteś wielka :)

  9. Jesteś niesamowita!! pełen podziw. w tak krótkim czasie osiągnąć tyle to mało kto potrafi.. wszystko co robisz jest piękne, przemyślane, dopracowane. Do tego dzielisz wszystko z obowiązkami. pełen profesjonalizm...

  10. Anetko gratuluję! i podziwiam:)
    cudowne chłopaki:)

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