Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crafting space - Morion

Our host today is Karolina, a person behind Morion, featured in over 270 treasuries and with a biography you would not believe. Don't believe? Ask her yourself!

What kinds of crafts do you do? 
I make clothes and accessories for kids. 

Where do you craft? 
At home.

What in your craft space (if anything) inspires you?
Most of all my kids give me inspiration. But I also find it in everyday life: weather, odd things, fabrics, buttons, even words. 

What kind of materials, tools you use most often? How do you store them?
I work with one sewing machine and lots of small accessories; with fabrics, threads and additional sewing supplies. Of course I have to use my computer and a camera. All needed materials and tools are kept in drawers and cabinets, segregated [if possible] in my workboxes. It's important if you have two little kids and two cats at home :)

How do you organize your workspace?
As I don't have my own permanent workspace, I have to organize it every time I work. Usually I use/share our [dinner] table.

Do you have any organization tip/tool/tricks that can help others improve their workspace?
Constructive chaos works for me :)

What is your one favourite thing in your craft room?
My cats - always interested of what I'm doing ;) Seriously: constant access to sweets on the table ;) Really seriously: the table I use is the center of our family life - I love it - it's soaked through by creativity!

If you could change one thing in your craft room what would it be?
I'd like to have a lockable room dedicated to me and my craft. Only one, but a big thing!

And a traditional sneak peak into our featured seller's shop:


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