Friday, December 10, 2010

Visiting the Winter Queen

It happened few weeks ago. Everyone went crazy! Children were happy to see it, adults not so happy to struggle with a big amount of it.

Do you know, how winter looks like in Poland? Poletsy members shares their photos and impresions about it!

 It's not a snowman, it's Dagmara from!

Beata's dogs Cosmo and Diana are having fun! 

Beata, what do you like about winter? I love going outside making snowballs and shooting at my friends! I'm sill a kid... well, at least I still think like kids! I love watching putside from the window when the snow is falling, having a reason to light the fireplace and at the same time have some hot chocolate :) I like making snowman! Shhh!... Don't tell anybody I told you that! 

Not everybody here in Poland likes winter. Anna-Koroneczka likes it only when her feets are warm :)

Agnieszka-magnesina: Poland is covered with snow, but I don't mind! 
This photo is available in magnesina's Etsy shop.

Oh, and this funny photo was made by Kinga - dodoo. Did the Winter Queen forget her bra?

Ewa-Wizuarion: I love winter. Everything is so white and clear and magic.

Magic indeed! I hope this snow will last till the end of December. Because we're all dreaming of a white Christmas! 
I browsed POLetsy new items and here what I found - it's snowing here on Etsy too :) 

Have a wonderful winter time!


  1. I looove this post! and the Winter Queen's bra!

  2. I L O V E W I N T E R :D:D:D I would like live in Alasca :)

  3. Such great pictures!! It looks soooo cold though!! BRR!! Well its cold here today too, but we dont have any snow on the ground where I am at the moment..give us time we will have!

  4. Śliczności! Dziękuję za umieszczenie też mojej fotografii!

  5. FUNtastic photos :)
    And the story as well ;)

  6. Beautiful pics!
    Juz sie boje przyjazdu na swieta :-)

  7. cool pictures, first one is the best :)

  8. Lovely photos :), but I don't like winter....

  9. Great photos!
    Thank you for including my pincushion:)

  10. I'm sure, that some of you are well known photographers :)

  11. I wish I have a little piece of winter too..

  12. oooo! Nice make over of the blog! Much cleaner! And needless to say FABULOUS PHOTOS!

  13. such a great photos! I love winter and snow, but it's too warm outside :(


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