Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crafting Space - Meduska

I have a great pleasure to show you Kinga's crafting space today. Kinga runs Meduska where she sells her gorgeous hand made jewellery. She grew up in small town and has always been a crafty person. First came the oil paintings, pastels and knitting! But then, few years ago, she made her firs earrings.and found a real passion for jewellery. So let's hear what Kinga has to say about her crafting space!
What kinds of crafts do you do?
For several years now I've been creating silver jewelry. I design and execute it from scratch.
The starting point is a silver sheet and wire. In my spare time I also paint and draw the images.

Where do you craft?
Together with a friend we created a studio in an apartment reserved for that.
I have my own room where you can find my tools and working space.
What in your craft space (if anything) inspires you?
On my desk is always a lot of pieces of silver, gemstones, wastes and utilities.
Sometimes they themselves are arranged in the original designs that are an inspiration to me.

What kind of materials, tools you use most often? How do you store them?
I use sterling silver and natural gemstones. My favorite gemstones are labradorite, tourmaline, citrine, amber and pearls.
I don’t use fabric materials. I'm working with sheet metal and wire, which is kept in the drawers of my desk.
My desk is a professional jewelry table and is very functional, has many drawers, cupboards, shelves.
I love them!

Working with silver is very complicated. It takes a lot of tools. I have many hand tools like files, hammers, cutters and a professional burner, mill, tumbler and polisher .

How do you organize your workspace?
My workspace is in a small room in the studio-apartment. The work station consists of three tables.
One of them is used for preparation and treatment of the material, the second to solder and third to polish.
I have a chair on wheels so that I can move swiftly between the various tables.

Do you have any organization tip/tool/tricks that can help others improve their workspace?
Organised space and order are very important in my creative process.
You have to know where each tool is kept.
Everyone has their own style of work.
It is important to keep going and strive to end.

What is your one favourite thing in your craft room?
I like my mill. It’s the new tool, and it's very helpful. Since I have it I don’t use as much force as before.

If you could change one thing in your craft room what would it be?
My craft room is great but every morning it takes me about half an hour to "commute" to it by metro.
I would like to have a studio closer to home. I plan to move in the future.

Thanks for having us Kinga!

If you would like to see what Kinga makes in her lovely crafting space, here's a sneak peak:
More of Kinga's work can be found in her ETSY shop.

Keep warm!


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