Friday, February 4, 2011

LET'S GO TO: Gdańsk, Poland

I'd like to take you to Gdańsk, the city on the Baltic Sea, northern Poland. It's close to the former late medieval and modern bundary between West Slavic and Germanic lands.

The history of Gdańsk is very interesting and full of unexpected twists. It was ruled by Poland, Germany, at a period of time it was a free city, which belonged to no country. Now, Gdańsk is a part of 3 cities metropoly: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot.

The Tall Ships' Races Market in port (photo by me)

Old City of Gdańsk (photo by me)

Gdańsk was established in IX century, so at the moment it has more than 1000 years! Even the smallest street in the old city can tell us incredibly interesting facts from that millenium. Did you know, that many XX century polish political leaders come from Gdańsk? For egzample, Lech Wałęsa - the Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1983.

Autumn in Gdańsk (photo by me)

If you have plans to visit Gdańsk - let us now :) we'll be glad to give you some tips about best sightseeing, food and other intertainment. But if you stay at home, make sure to visit Etsy shops based in Gdańsk!

See you next time!
Ana - Rosemary


  1. nice post !

    Mówili nam, że tak na prawdę, to w Gdańsku nie ma nic, co by miało 1000 lat i wszystko wskazuje na to, że ktoś oszukał z datami i Gdańsk jest 100-200 lat młodszy :)

    Our Old City is stunning, you have to visit it once. For egzample during Jarmark Dominikanski, where you can find many of great artists selling their handmade goods :)

  2. I love Gdansk!! Great article. Thanks for sharing and I'm really surprised to see how many of you guys live there!

  3. Dziekuje:) Thank you! Gdansk jest najlepszy:)

  4. Wonderful city. Great post and gorgeous photos!

  5. oh..what a nice trip!!!:)
    I'm so happy to be here...thank You!!:)

  6. Kiedy odwiedzałam Gdańsk jako turystka byłam nim zachwycona. Od kiedy tu zamieszkałam, nie miałam czasu na zwiedzanie i zachwycanie się nim. Stał mi się obcy. Teraz się wyprowadzam i mam nadzieję powracać do niego jako turystka i ponownie się w nim zakochać :)

  7. Dziekuje:)

    I went there when I was in Warsaw , we lived two year in Poland , so nice :)


  8. We loved Gdansk, colorful buildings and wonderful architecture. A vibrant city full of surprises. I was photographing on a quiet little street one day not far from the main square, peacefaul and serene. We returned to the street within an hour and it was full of vendors set up on the sidewalks and bustling with people. Thank you for including my image. - Greg Matchick

  9. Greg, Ikabags, thank you bth for sharing your memories from Gdańsk :)

  10. bravo it's really gorgeous article
    I am currently in Malbork, I invite you to discover my trip and pictures of poland on my blog

    bravo et merci beaucoup for my print
    Yann ;o)

  11. Oh, you were traveling through my homeland, Lithuania! Great experience, I think :) Good luck with your project!

  12. "Gdynia - moje miasto" ;-) bo tam się urodziłam. Teraz od 7 lat mieszkam w Gdańsku i też mi się podoba :-)
    Mam nadzieję, że będę miała okazję poznać Etsowych towarzyszy w tym pięknym mieście.


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