Monday, June 11, 2018

TRENDS 2018 - Lavender

1. Hat by filcAlki
2. Tea box by prezenciarnia
3. Necklace by EttarielArt
4. Art pastel by CanisArtStudio
5. Shawl by greflingdesign
6. Wall decor by Florfanka
7. Hair comb by MKedraWedding
8. Ceramic beads by ClayLadyArt
9. Scarf by Degra2
10. Chocker by Szupa
11. Pendant by MadeByRenata
12. Earrings by Stfur
13. Bag by SkadiaArt
14. Shawl by aboutCRAFTS
15. Bracelet by WillowShadeJewelry


  1. Beautiful finds! Thank you for adding my hat to this fabulous collection!

  2. Great finds! Thank you for including my shawl :)

  3. Lovely things in gorgeous color! :) I am so happy that purple and all its shades are all the rage this year! :D

    PS. Thanks for adding my pendant into the mix!

  4. these art-crafts are looking beautiful

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