Thursday, May 24, 2018

TRENDS 2018 - Wedding

1. Hair comb by DecoMintStudio
2. Wedding earrings by EttarielArt
3. Wedding Favors by HerMoments
4. Wedding bouquet by MKedraWedding
5. Wedding decoration by CanisArtStudio
6. Wedding skirt by Fanfaronada
7. Soutache earrings by JoasouDesign
8. Hat by filcAlki
9. Wedding chocker by BlackPassion
10. Wedding shawl by aboutCRAFTS
11. Floral embroidery by FromGreenForest
12. Swarovski earrings by Szupa
13. Baby dress by Mamafaktura
14. Earrings by Stfur
15. Wedding scarf by Degra2


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for adding my hat to this wonderful collection!

  2. Beautiful finds! Thank you for including my shawl :)

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  4. Stunning! Thank you for adding my bouquet❤️

  5. Thank you very much :)


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