Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LET'S GO TO: Warsaw, Poland

If you are heading to find a world map, because you have no idea which city is the heart of Poland, keep reading!

Warszawa (Warsaw)- the heart of Poland

This is the place where many historical events took place. Since XVI century, when the city became the seat of the Polish parliament, it has developed really fast. Warsaw had its dark periods too - during the World War II 85% of the city was destroyed by the Nazis. 

But Poles managed to rebuild their capital and today it is ian mportant center of cultural and political life. Discover Warsaw with POLetsy!

Warsaw Black&White Photograph by

This is what Warsaw supposedly looked like in 1930. Now those days are gone, but this city keeps on inspiring many photographers. Warsaw is a city of contrasts: you will find cosy little streets, art nouveau and socrealistic style architecture, new skyscrapers. 

"I took this picture at KOŁO ten years ago, - says Magda. - Bazar na Kole is an amazing place in Warsaw, you can buy everything old or old-looking. A pure heaven for vintage lovers." 
She spent 2 years in Warsaw and misses it almost every day: "It's a city of contrasts. And mysteries. With a sad past, but full of unexpected hidden beauty".

 Romantic narrow street by

The gates of the Warsaw University  by

I found Sylvia on Etsy - she has some beautiful photos from Warsaw. She lives in Canada, so I was very curious about her connections with the city. 
"I was born in Pruszków and my family still lives in Warsaw. I can't visit them as often as I wish to, but when I do, my favorite places are Łazienki and Nowy Świat" - she says. 

Aga also lives abroad, but her memories about Warsaw are very bright.
"My husband is Spanish. When we go to Poland, I show him some nice places in Poland. Warsaw, especially the Old Town, is very enchanting. But the most impressive place is the Warsaw Uprising Museum" - she says. 

Warsaw Praga by

Kasia (One Mug a Day project) shares her love for Warsaw: "You can spend your free time in one of many city parks, escape the hustle and bustle by taking a walk among old buildings downtown or visit the famous Pałac Kultury (Palace of Culture). I think Warsaw is getting prettier, it's our city".

"I love Warsaw for many reasons. It's gonna be a really long list, but everything is worth mentioning. - writes Anna. - The International Chopin Piano Competition, my Sunday walks on Krakowskie Przedmieście and Nowy Świat, feeding pigeons in the Old City, oldstyle fountain in Saski Park, gas lighting on Agrykola street, first snow flakes falling down on grey buildings, old photos in Photoplasticon, Warsaw Film Festival, jazz in the Old City..."

Green Warsaw by

The city is located on the Vistula River. Joanna Tarkowska has designed a map-mug with all city districts: Praga, Mokotów, Wola, Ursynów etc. Historians say, that the oldest city district is Bródno. This is how it looks through the window of my friend's apartment.

Bródno by Ana Matusevic

Many POLetsy members live and work in Warsaw - they can send you a piece of heart of Poland :-)  I'm leaving you with a wonderful song about Warsaw. 



  1. Fantastic article Ana!

    Thank you for including my photography!

  2. "I fell in love with the city
    At first sight it looked pretty..." VARSOVIE, Brodka lyrics.
    And one more Varsovie picture ;)

  3. E-Muu, I love this song :) thanks for reminding me about it!

  4. Great post!!! Fantastic photos!!!


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