Friday, November 30, 2012

Creative Material Soutache

Anna Jaroszewicz from Hannah Studio: The use of soutache (Russia Braid) for ornamentation in clothing, uniforms or shoes was known already in ancient times and sucesfully employed through centuries until nowadays. We can find it in ancient Babylon, baroque France or Russia and in English representative uniforms. The technique of soutache embroidery in jewellery was propagated by israeli artist Dori Csengeri who over ten years ago bravely started up with her innovative project. In short, we could describe the specifics of soutache embroidery as stitching together braids and placing decorative stones, glass beads and other elements between them. Materials needed are: Russian braid, nylon thread, thin needles for beading, glue for textiles, beads made of glass, plastic and ceramics, Swarovski crystals, natural and syntetic stones. We will also need glue, impregnant, leather or felt for finishing the backing, and a few other tools like scissors etc. My first projects were done by intuition, because there were no information sources or practical instructions. For over half a year by trial-and-error I was getting to the technical perfection. Soutache embroidery is immensely facinating and unlimited in form. You can combine random configurations of flourishes and colours. You can also add elements created in other techniques like metal-work, felt, macrame, wire-wrapping etc. The finished project can give a surprising effect, because at the beginning you cannot predict what will be the final version. Creating in soutache embroidery requires quite a lot of patience and obedience, because it’s not easy to harness braids. It requires also high manual skills to shorten the time of accomplishment, so it wouldn’t bore us and put off. 

Ania from ArtStyleBizu: My adventure with Soutache began two years ago and from the first moments I loved braids. Implementation of jewelry in this technique is very time consuming but the results are sometimes really suprising. The choice of colors and innumerable ideas for design are main advantages of this techniqe. Soutache jewelry is beautiful and very impressive, almost magical. The perfect combination of color, stones, crystals, glass beads and silver. Each set of my original jewelry is made with great attention to every detail.

Manuela from MANUfakturamaanuela: Soutache gives a lot of possibilities. Large range color of strings, beads in different shapes and sizes allows you to create unique works. My advice on technique - don't be afraid to mix and match colors seemingly matching! :))

Alina from Antidotum: There are several reasons why soutache has become one of my favorite jewelry making techniques. One of them can be seen with the naked eye - it's fabulous colors, which can be a kick to create. The other, known for those who are familiar with this technique: the satisfaction you feel after many hours of tedious work when the piece slowly gets ready. In my case, it is also a kind of adventure, as I begin to work with just a sketch vision of what I want to do, then I give the lead to the materials :)

Kamila from KimimilaArt : My adventure with braid began about 2 years ago - by accident I came across a post about this on the forum Lovelies  - I thought and I utterly fell in love. It was very difficult to find Russia braids. I live permanently in the United States and could not find anything that suited me. I placed an order in a Polish shop, the parcel went to my family in Poland and from there to Montana. And after 2 weeks I could take the first soutache trial. The beginnings were quite hard, I did everything by trial and error,  but somehow after a while I achieved  what I wanted. I like braids for the opportunity to create something combining the richness of European royal courts, ethnic jewelery and simple modern forms. And of course the endless color madness.

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  1. beautiful pieces and great blog! visiting you from the etsy click and comment team :)



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