Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Creative Material: Silk

Carol from FiveOClocks says: Like no other fabric silk has a unique pearly glow which emanates from within. Even as a small decorative element it is able to intrigue and attract your eyes with it’s shine and softness.  The greatest ancient cultures were fascinated by silk and the art of decorating it. Oriental floral and animal motifs printed and embroidered on silk always fascinated me. So I decided to weave always at least a small part of silk in my necklaces, as such, a small symbol of continuity in the art of handicrafts and a nod to old artists. This delicate fabric is for me a kind of bridge between the present and the history and art, which arose as a result of the human fascination with the silk tiny thread.

Dagmara from DagnyKnit: I use silk as a yarn and this is usually pretty thin thread: 1000-1500 yards/100g. But to work with it is not as hard as it may seem, it’s just as enjoyable as the use of the finished product.  Softness, lightness and a nice, cool touch, these are the features that distinguish this material. It is also a great alternative for allergy sufferers who can not wear wool and mohair scarves. Silk should be treated gently: hand wash and rinse in lukewarm water.

Justyna from YarnAndFabricArt: I use silk for spinning and it’s  one of the strongest known materials in the world. Silks are different, it all depends on which silkworms are fed. The most desirable and most noble is the mulberry silk, featuring a beautiful sheen, creamy, warm color and a very high strength. You can spin silk solo or in mixture with other fibers: wool, alpaca or camel fleece. Silk adds yarns the shine and strength. When spun alone gives  a very thin thread. Silk can be successfully dyed and painted, it takes color beautifully and does not fade. Products made of silk are warm in the winter and cool in summer. Silk is very durable and easy to wash, it also quickly dries. Every woman should have something made of silk, because this material emphasizes the beauty and gives us light.

Bożena from ArtMode: I love working with silk fabric, it is an ideal base for my products. While felting I mix it with high quality Australian Merino wool to form an exquisite tapestry with a unique texture and an unusual pattern. With this fabric I create original clothes and scarves, whose main characteristic is not only an exclusive appearance, but also their unusual delicacy because silk does not irritate even a sensitive skin. All silk products can be successfully washed in lukewarm water using mild soap for washing wool. 

Gosia i Agnieszka form LavishKnitwear: Silk, a fiber derived from the silkworm cocoon, is often used for the production of knitting yarns. It gives yarns a gloss, a smoothness and makes the thread so delicate and soft. In our work we use kid mohair and mohair from angora goats with silk. Each fabric made with silk takes on a very elegant and unique look  that help us can feel luxurious and comfortable.

Edyta from AtelierEdytaLoukia: Dupioni silk is one of my favorite materials! Wonderful texture and countless colors encourage the creation of new forms. Silk is a natural material, get along very well and is extremely elegant.

Agata from MyLaceSpace: I use silk combined with wool and other natural fibers because it gives a beautiful shine and the finished product is durable and retains its properties (shape, structure).  


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