Friday, June 22, 2012

FEATURED SELLER: Dosiak - Dorota

Dorota is the person behind Dosiak - an Etsy shop specializing in a variety of crocheted items - from jewelry, thru socks, bathing suits, table cloths and shawls all the way to dresses. 

Tell us something about yourself

My name is Dorota. I'm 37 and I live in a small down in Greater Poland. Anything handmade has been my hobby for many many years. Actually I've been knitting since I was 6 years old. My mom taught me how. I learnt how to crochet a little later. I'm self taught, I learnt everything from a book. I opened my Etsy store a little over a year ago and I'm very happy that I did. Thanks to Etsy, I've met a lot of wonderful people. 
Apart from crocheting, I love baking and I've heard that I'm very good at it:)

What else do you do besides creating? 

Besides crocheting, I'm a wife and a mother of two teenage sons. At the moment I'm a full time Etsy seller. I'm taking care of two sick parents and I am actually not able to have a job outside of the house.  

How does your day look like? 

Most of my days look the same. I get up at 6am, fix breakfast and drive my sons to school. Later I shop, take care of my sick in laws, fix dinner and finally get to sit down in front of my computer. I check my email and what's going on in my store and then I continue creating. 
I feel like my days look the same as every other woman's who is working from home. 

What inspires you? 

I get inspired by pretty much anything: nature, people on the street... A lot of my ideas come from magazine for crafters, blogs, handmade forums, but mostly I just make what my clients come up with. 
You can say that I try to make my clients wardrobe dreams come true.

To find out more about Dorota and her product, feel free to visit her website and follow her on Twitter.

If you enjoy this series and you are part of the Poletsy Team and would like to be the next one featured, please contact me via convo. Feeling Artsy  


  1. Świetny artykuł o Dosiak! :)

  2. Hi Dorota. It's nice to see you finally.

    Witam Dorotko. Miło cię bliżej poznać i zobaczyć.

  3. Dorotka, myślałam, że jesteś blondynką ha ha ha to pewnie przez twój awatar :)

  4. O tak fajnie zobaczyć, kto kryje się za awatarem:))
    Oj, marzy mi się taka ławeczka w ogrodzie...


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