Wednesday, February 22, 2012

FEATURED SELLER: Karina Pilch - GreyworkSHOP

Tell us something about yourself. 

My name is Karina and together with my partner I run GreyworkSHOP - an Etsy store with screen printed T-shirts and bags. Everything started a couple of years ago, when we were asked to create some T-shirt designs for a friend of ours. He loved the shirts and we decided to go ahead and just go with it. At first, we were selling our very first designs from Generation Chernobyl collection during Fantasy Conventions:), where they were actually pretty popular. Later, we started selling in our online store. Right now, we create and produce for the store as well as for custom orders and for the last 3 years, we have been the creators of the official T-shirts for the Stars Wars Fan Convention in Torun called "StarForce". 

 What do you do besides creating?

The work on T-shirts is directly related to our other main occupation - the running of our graphic design studio. We work on illustrations for adults and children, graphic designs and our favorite - comic strips.

Describe your creative process

First, there has to be a concept. Sometimes it just pop out and all you have to do is to draw it out, and sometimes it takes tweaking and experimenting with different styles and techniques. When the sketch is done, we start working on the graphic design. And finally we get the design ready for the printing company - by adjusting the size, colors, etc. After that, all we have to do is wait for the printed T-shits to arrive.

What advice would you give to other Etsy sellers?

We opened our Etsy store very recently and so far, we feel like we are the ones needing advice from other, more experienced Etsians. But one advice that I can give for sure is - join a good team (like the Poletsy team). The first steps will be a lot easier if you're part of a team and have a good support group.

What inspires you?

As most of our work has something to with robots, mutants and zombies, I can easily say that our inspiration comes mainly from comic books and computer games. And also from our cat Niko. He ends up being part of our designs like in  the Naughty Kitty shirts.

How do you promote?

We mainly use Facebook and Twitter for promotion, and also our website. In the future, we're planning on starting a blog.

What are your favorite stores on Etsy?

I really like BoutiqueID and ZaraBezbazara. They have awesome designs and photos. I also frequently check out JKWJewellery. They have lovely items that are presented in a great way.

If you liked this interview and want more, please check out Karina's website and feel free to follow her on facebook and twitter. 

If you enjoy this series and you are part of the Poletsy Team and would like to be the next one featured, please contact me via convo. Feeling Artsy 


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