Thursday, March 24, 2011

Creative Material: silk

Silk reminds me of China and their tradition in its production - Monika of Hypericumfragile sais - But it also reminds me of a book that I read long ago - Kathryn Harrison's novel "Poison" (Polish title: "Tysiąc drzewek pomarańczowych") - that tells the story of a daughter of a Spanish silkworm breeder, where Middle Ages, the Inquisition and silkworms combined create a magic world of a fairy tale.

As Monika sais: every time I touch a silk thread, I feel shivers down my spine... like if I put my hands on something truly precious, unique, extremely fragile and delicate. I like these shivers. Then it feels like my work is just done by itself, without any effort or sweat on my part. It's all pure pleasure.

Silk is a natural fiber and goes great with wool, sais Gala from Galafilc. Wool fibers merge into silk fabric and make it shrink, that create interesting textures on the surface that vary depending on silk and wool thickness. The colors of wool and silk combine beautifully. Unspinned silk also gives beautiful shine to the felt.

Ela of Egunia likes to spin silk with merino wool, because adding silk makes finished yarn shine beautifully and gives it lovely texture. Wool-slik yarns are great for knitting! Ela makes with them shawls, hats and other accessories.

Bozena of Artmode uses silk to create shawls and clothes. As Bozena sais silk is perfect as a base material to create felted items, when combined with delicate merino wool fibers transforms into unique artistic fabric with unusual structure. Items made of such material are one of a kind, extremely lightweight and very friendly to our skin. How to take care of them? Bożena sais: hand wash gently in warm water with delicate detergent, do not hang or spin.


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