Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poletsy Style

I am here in the end, being involved in a really exciting Handmade Wedding event and busy at work last week I lost all the interest in internet activities, but I am back with my favorite makes from our talented artists.

How would like my choices, a very natural and vintage at the same time, creamy, cozy style for our homes and us? (I know I am still into wedding colors, but I can't help it)

Lovely White Crochet Doily by annerstreet4home
Antique Brass Earrings by joannafelt
Vintage Lace Necklace by MODESIGN
Bright Linen Tote Bag by annawoz

If you would like to share your favorite makes from Poletsy Team go here and choose your favorite ones, visit Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker and make your own mosaic and of course come back here and share a link to your blog. Also if you can, leave a comment below.


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