Saturday, February 26, 2011

Poletsy Style

My wrist needs to look beautiful all the time and every day with different look. Bangles and bracelets they make me feel good and they make me want to go out. Do you like to wear jewelry? Is your wrist jingling nicely? What style do you prefer? Soft and light? Heavy and cold? I am sure there is more than one you could choose from our artists
Have a look on my choices:

Textile Jewellery by annawoz
Porcelain Bracelet by MaaPstudio
Natural Pearls Linen Bracelet by DreamsFactory
Set of 3 Bangle Blue Bracelet by dodoo

so please their shops and find your favorite bracelet. And if you would like to share your Poletsy favorites, make your mosaic here and add your link below.

Last week's randomly chosen mosaic is made by Rosemary's Manufacture and it has the most beautiful browns in there:


  1. beautiful items! and very talented artists who have created them :)

  2. Love your picks. Here are mine:

  3. Posted my Saturday's style too :)


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