Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creative material: wood

Lone Tree 8x12 Fine Art Print by MAXGORSKIPHOTOGRAPHY

Wood: well known and highly appreciated creative material all over the world. It’s easy and rewarding to work with. As Pawel of PMSTUDIO sais: The thing I like about wood is the amount of possibilities that come while creating something. Within a few hours, you can take a block of wood, and change it into an interesting shape. Another thing is the smell of wood. No other material that you can sculpt in, creates as aromatic of a smell as wood.

Shield by PMSTUDIO

Every tree has its own special wood type with individual color, smell, density and hardness. Pawel continues: My favorite type of wood is basswood (known as lipa in Poland) due to it’s softness, many possibilities of dyeing it, and it’s smell. You can create all types of pieces from it, ranging from large bulky shapes into small delicate ones.

No.8 Pendant by PMSTUDIO

Asia of JOANNAFELT matches wooden beads with felt balls, Asia sais: they come together perfectly, wooden beads have interesting colors and shapes, they are so natural, ecological, they bring nature to my mind.

Felt necklace with wooden beads by JOANNAFELT

Monika of MONIKAJANCEWICZ sais: wooden jewelry goes naturally with every out fit!

How to take care of your wooden belongings? As Pawel sais: There are a few main points that should be kept in mind with wooden jewelry. Firstly, the wood should not come in contact with water, detergents, perfumes, or other chemicals. In case it get’s dirty, the dirt should be removed using a moist and soft rag. You should never use any rough materials.


Monika adds: If not worn wooden jewelry should be kept in cool, dry and dark place! Sun causes bleaching and can also easily make your precious wood crack. To keep it shiny use a drop of olive oil from time to time and remember to wipe it thoroughly afterwards.


  1. Oh, I love wood! It's warm, smells lovely and can be turned into just about anything!

  2. This is great!!! I like this new series. I hope it'll be a series?!! :)

  3. Thanks Feeli:)
    I's planned as a series: every 2 weeks.

  4. Great job! Thanks so much!


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