Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poletsy Style

Let's start sharing our styles and favorite looks in some different way. I think if each of us is so different, each of us will find so many different things as perfect for us, let's share our style-boards then.

I will be first sharing here my mosaic, but from next weekend, I will draw one pretty mosaic from your links and will add to our Saturday Poletsy Style post.

I hope you like my choices, these are things I love and I might buy one day.

Anything can be part of our style, not only fashion, the deco at home, pretty notebook cover, wall hanging... we all love so many different things, this game is to prove that Polish Team has got anything you would be looking for, anything that you want so no need to look further.

If you would like to share your favorites from Etsy Poland Team look here and find your perfect handmade creations, go to Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker to make your own mosaic and add link to your blog post or page where you have posted your mosaic - below:

(please also be nice and comment under this post after linking :) )


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