Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FEATURED SELLER: SchneiderGallery - Magdalena Krawiec

Name: Magdalena
Etsy Store: SchneiderGallery
Age: Forever young :)
Pet: Cat 
Home town: 
Oswiecim, worldwide known as Auschwitz.

Interests: Foreign Languages, Astronomy, Geology, Ancient Cultures, Archaeology, Zoology, Cosmology, Art, Music, Books, Fashion, Crafts and many more...

- Jewelry made to order for word famous band THE SCORPIONS bass player Pawel Maciwoda. Click here for photos.
- December 2009 - Jewelry exhibition in Villa Vecchia in gardens of Dorii Pamphili, Rome, Italy.
- Cooperation with Agnieszka Swiatly, Fashion Designer
What do you do besides from creating?
Nothing illegal :) You can check it out in my online store

What made you want to become an artist?
Head full of ideas, and need for creating new things.

What inspires you?
Ethnic, ancient and contemporary art, nature, science, technology, everything around me.

Please describe your creative process
Searching for inspiration, trying to transorm the idea into real thing, but sometimes end product comes out totally different from the previous idea, which is cool too.

What are your favorite products?
Hmmmm... pendants, it's my favourite part of jewelry 

What advice would you give to other POLetsian?
Don't copy others, focus on your own unique work, and take interesting, eye catching pictures, this is the basic thing in on-line market.

How do you promote?
Treasuries, they work best on Etsy.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
As an owner of a word famous Schneider Empire hehehehe :p

What are your favorite Etsy stores?
Oh, my... Too many to talk about them all, mostly ceramics and art like:
and many more...

To find out more about Magdalena, her achievement and creative process, visit her BLOG and to see more of Magdalena's products check out her other (non etsy) STORE


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