Saturday, December 4, 2010

Red turns Blue

Our first BNR treasury turned out to be a success! We had over 1600 views, almost 500 clicks and 14 sales in one day!
That's funny, how our RED IN HEART treasury turned into BLUE AND WHITE one :)

What is BNR treasury?
It's a special treasury, when you buy item (or items) from one of featured shops and then you get featured instead of it. 

Why it's worth joining?
First of all, BNR treasury is being promoted by our members on their blogs, twitters, facebook and forums. More and more people are coming to see treasury and it's a great opportunity for you to promote your shop. Also, as a part of BNR treasury, you can post info about your sales or discounts. More! You can buy great items (very often - with discounts or free shipping) and as reward get featured in treasury! Last but not least, it's really fun to take part in a discussion and to know each other better.

What are the rules of POLetsy BNR?
1. Buy from any featured sellers shop shown here to enter the list
2. Min. spend is $3.00 (not including shipping costs)
3. Let the Curator know you want to buy / wait for the ok / buy it!
4. Post your transaction page in comments after the purchase
5. You'll be included in this BNR
6. If you buy in and don't make a sale you will be featured in our next BNR

Thank you for all curators of our first BNR for good job. 

And here are some of sold items during our BNR. 
Follow our twitter and join us next time!


  1. It was fantastic BNR, a lot of fun and great experience! waiting for more :)

  2. Yes, I enjoyed this game too! ;) Can't wait for our next BNR!

  3. To ja się tylko pouśmiecham. :)

  4. It was interesting experience and really hard job ;) Curator must be concentraced on comments, change the pictures and making nice look of treasury, besides check transactions and promote, all time promote 16 stores.

  5. Power! Power! Power!

    I did love it!

    But I am a little bit afraid of the next one... it might be addictive!


    It was wonderful time that we have spent together. Thank you all!

  6. And I add more: it is really great game, like gambling :))) but for fun. You spend few $$ but know new people and their stores, they know you too! It is kind of promotion.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Ladies! We have to use our knowledge and experience in next BNRs for bigger sales and promotion :)

  8. It was total fun. When are we doing it again?!


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