Monday, September 6, 2010

... and after a long break we resume our browsing series !

How's life everyone? Hope you all had a great summer. Here in the polETSY headquarters we are back to work! So please check the blog frequently for new articles and lots of beautiful handmade items. Speaking of which, this week search was done using "poletsy" and "stripes" as keywords. And this is what I have picked for you:

Reinforest Striped Porcelain Ring by MaaPstudio

Autumn Color Cowl/Neck Warmer/Scarf by ottupura

Hobo bag with Stripes, READY TO SHIP, Cotton, Zipper by ifONA

Wintry Anna Scarf in Pink and Gray by OneLeggedJockey

Pleated purse bag black and white Circus Stripe by 8smake

Hope you like my picks for this week.  Have a good one!

PS: I strongly encourage polETSY team members to use all 14 tag spaces available while describing and listing new items.


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