Thursday, July 8, 2010

Your crafting space, ETSY edition

Hi there folks! 

It's this time of year again when business is slowing down and people take time off to enjoy some sunshine, sit down with a glass of Sex on the beach or other rather exotic sounding coctail (with the optional paper umbrella) and simply do nothing else but relax. 

It is therefore not surprising that things are also slowing down a bit on our blog. However the CRAFTING SPACE series will resume as soon as our lovely and extremely talented ETSians come back from wherever they decide to spend these precious summer days. So fear not! 

In the meantime I would like to show you an article published this week on the main ETSY blog. Click HERE to find out how, according to ETSY, you can improve your little work space.

Enjoy the sunshine while you can (trust me I know what I'm talking about,! It's been pouring buckets in Ireland this week, so for me, sadly, the Summer is over). 

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