Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holidays, as we celebrate them in Poland January

     January is a month of reflection, new decisions, plans and resolutions.  

  In Poland, January is a month during which we celebrate Grandmother Day and Grandfather Day. Grandmother Day falls on the 21st of January and a day later, on the 22nd we celebrate Grandfather Day. These holidays have been celebrated for more then 40 years, as this tradition began in the middle of the twentieth century.

On those days every grandchild wants to make sure that his grandparents feel special, cherished and loved. In Poland, on those holidays granddaughters and grandsons give their grandparents wishes, flowers or small gifts.
Ginger flower from hypericumfragile

There are special events organized in kindergartens, to which grandparents are invited. The children prepare short plays, poems and "laurki" - a type of handmade cards.
"laurka" from Wcards

Yet all of those things are not important - the important thing is remembrance. That's why grandchildren remember their grandmother and grandfather, because what is more precious then a smile on their faces?
Grandparents wedding picture in the frame from KlarGoCraft
 So in the month of Grandparents Days
to all Grandfathers and Grandmothers 
we wish you many moments of happiness 
and joy in your grandchildren.

 Written by lenamagda

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