Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Etsy banner tips

Your Etsy shop banner is the first thing a potential buyer will see. So, it must be attractive and inform clients about your shop. I would like to share with you a few of my favorite banners on Etsy as well as some good advice about how to create a good banner:

1. It’s important to give viewers a good idea of what they’ll find in your shop (you may want to insert  some pictures of your products in your banner; don’t forget about specific colors and forms related to your item listings)

2. Use your banner to inform about your shop and products (add a short tag line).

3. Use your banner to inform about promotions, sales or even about your holidays.

4. Crop a photo to the correct banner size (Etsy measures: 760 x 100 pixels).

5. I suggest your banner and your avatar (small profile picture) should have the same colors and/or forms.

How to make an Etsy banner?  

Therefore, to create a great banner, you have a couple of options:

Getting a Banner from an Etsy Seller
There are a lot of talented graphic designers on Etsy and you may purchase a banner from one of them (nice banners will run you $5 - $35). If you want to find them try searching “Etsy shop banner”.

Create a banner by yourself
To make your banner the right size and add text, you will need to use some graphic editing software as:

There's a really nice video tutorial about how to make a banner on Etsy using Gimp (by Create Hype).

Ula Phelep

The article in Polish is HERE


  1. Interesting article for etsy sellers! May I show you my recently designed Etsy banners? :)



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