Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Creative Material - ceramics

Monika, the designer and the sculptor behind MaaPStudio says: My jewelry is made from Parian porcelain which, left unglazed, gives a soft feel to the ceramic pieces. Porcelain is a challenging material and requires a lot of patience. My aim is to extend its material possibilities in order to bring about unique pieces.

EMuu from EMuuGallery says: Ceramic is currently my favorite creative material. In my opinion ceramics is a craft while the real creation materials are clay and glaze. Clay gives me a huge range of possibilities. The multitude of techniques for forming clay objects, decorating and then firing them means you can’t get bored with it. I don’t have any particular favorite technique: I find so much enjoyment in clay for its versatile, almost limitless, possibilities. Glaze is an extremely important and fascinating material. On the one hand it is one of the basic materials used to decorate and secure ceramics: adds character, color and gloss. On the other, due to their chemical and physical properties, glazes are the link between glass and clay. The most intriguing thing about glazes – you may make them yourself. With some knowledge about chemical and physical features of the components, and with some understanding of the firing process one can create unique, new glazes. Another creative element then.

Kasia from Ozdonik says: Ceramic gives many possibilities and there's only a few non-breaking rules. In my opinion first and most important is "stay creative". There are loads of techniques and styles and each one gives a different and unique effect. The whole process despite its length (even 2-3 weeks before clay gets completely dry, than first - bisque - firing than glazing and second firing) makes me so excited, especially when I try new additions to glaze or when I mix glazes the way I haven’t before. Sometimes effects are really surprising and hard to repeat.

Kasia from CatHot: Since I can remember I've always wanted to try my hand at working with clay. As a little girl, I made dishes, beads and animals from the "clay" found in the front yard. I was very happy when the opportunity arose to participate in workshops with genuine clay, glaze and kiln. It's amazing how particles of the earth can conjure up a beautiful piece of jewelry, a mug, a jug or a plate. Working with ceramics really fascinates me. I learned a lot. This technique is time consuming and labor intensive yet you have to be very delicate and precise. I hope that I will have the opportunity to continue that inspirational experiment.


  1. dziekuje kochana za swietny post!

  2. Very interesting article :) Thanks for your hard work!


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