Saturday, December 8, 2012

The best name for your Etsy store

Finding a name for your shop on Etsy is one of the most important steps on the way to its success. A good name will stay in the mind of your customers, and will mirror the style of the store and the character of the products you sell in it. You should not forget that a proper name will make it easier to find your shop in Internet search engines, like Google.
A good name for your shop should be:

  1. Easy to remember – a play on words, an association, or even a song title from childhood create a name easy to memorize and hard to eliminate from the mind.
  2. Easy to pronounce – nothing taken away, nothing added, if no one can pronounce the name of your shop it'll be hard to find and in the end it'll cease to exist.
  3. Composed of few words (2 or 3 at the most)
  4. Original - an interesting name holds the attention of those visiting your store: if it contains names of physical things i.e. flower, book etc. it will form an image of that object, which may help in remembering the shop.
  5. Showcase your style – whether you are romantic, elegant, or scattered - you can use that in the name of your shop; be careful however that the name of your shop doesn't contrast with what you are selling. (see the next point)
  6. Describe what you are selling – for example if you are selling knit scarves use "knit" or "scarf" in the name of your shop, thus making it easier for potential customers to know what you are selling. Don't forget however, that the line of products in your shop may change and grow over time to include other items - and instead of knit caps you may also offer knit baby blankets.
When you find the ideal name for your shop on Etsy, take care to use it everywhere: as your blog name, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. This will make it easier for your clients to find you.

(picture Etsy shop: Mysunnyplace)

The article in Polish you may find HERE

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