Friday, December 28, 2012

LET'S GO TO: Magic Cracow

One of the oldest, one of the most beautiful, one of the greatest cities in Poland. Dates back to the 7th century, founded by legendary prince Krakus, the ruler of the Lechitians tribe. If you haven't seen Kraków (Cracow) - you haven't seen Poland at all!

Vintage travel art by Mark Sciepura

For centuries it was a capital of Poland and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Now it's one of the biggest academic and cultural centers in the country.  

Invite Cracow to your place. Art work by LegacyHouseArt

It's the city, where history is seen on every step you make. Wawel - the residence of many Polish kings, Tadeusz Kościuszko insurection place, sad history of Kraków Ghetto, the archbishop city of Pope John Poul II. The old town is also in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Etsy loves Cracow too - I've found some outstanding photos and artworks.

City's Town Hall in Kraków, located right at the Main Square.
photo by Joanna Kapica

Cracow oil lamps, photo by Marcos

"Cracow is a magic city. Ola used to say, a Polish friend. So, when I finally had the chance to go there, I asked which were the best places to see. She just answered "go to Kazimierz". She was right about that. There, in the old streets of the Jewish quarter I found out what she meant about the town's charm. And I found those lamps too, inside a courtyard. After I learnt that it was the same patio where some scenes of Schindler's list were shot." - wrote Marcos about Cracow.

Sukiennice, photo by Sylvia Mioduszewska

Joanna lives in Cracow. She wrote: "Cracow is quite famous. Everyone has seen Sukiennice, st. Mary's Basilica or Wawel. But if you are here, more places are worth viasiting too, e.g. Kazimierz. Or Zapiecek on Floriańska street - probably the best grilled sandviches in the city."

But when weather is not good for sightseeing? "Then it's a good time to have a hot chocolate. The best is served in Nowa Prowincja on Bracka street. Kraków is a big city, but it's very cosy and hospitable. You will fall in love with small pubs and cafes - there are many of them, on every corner" - said Joanna.

And this is Cracow seen by shashamane photos from Cracow. Breathtaking magic atmosphere....

It's a city you'll never forget :-) I'm leaving you with a song of the Polish band Myslovitz about... Kraków



  1. Kraków cudny..
    Jak ja dawno tam nie byłam..

  2. Fantastic place, wonderful photos!

  3. Beautiful images from a beautiful, wonderful city! Thanks you so much for including me :)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Gorgeous photos! Well done :)

  5. Świetne zdjęcia! Tak dawno nie byłam w Krakowie

  6. And don't forget that small "Lody" paradise :P :P :P

    BTW, thanks again for including my picture there... tęsknię za Krakowem!


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