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 E-Muu is the person behind EMuuGallery an Etsy store with independent art.

 1. Tell us something about yourself

I'm e-Muu, I suffer from chronic imaginative ADHD, with too many irons on the fire at all times. And I'm never enough. To avoid ragging myself up, I take to arts. This is my way to wind down and regain my composure. And since my talents are insufficient to become the next Picasso, I turned to handicraft, folk art and arts & crafts.
Techniques used...well...varied. So far it's been ceramics, pottery, carpentry, lead glass, Tiffany lamps, wicker, small garden forms, mosaic, batik, painting, etc. whatever else comes over me.


2. What is creation for you?

This word signifies a very broad notion. I have always believed that solving an unusual mathematic problem or chemical reaction are the same kind of creative process as writing a poem or painting a picture in oil colours. Each time this is about completing something by yourself. A physical as well as mental process.



3. How did you start to create especially create an art and craft? 

I feel that creativity has accompanied me since my birth. Or at least for as long as I can remember. I am convinced that only in the process of creation are we able to sense the imperceptible existence of god, and consequently to be a particle of him. In other words – when creating I receive the pulsating energy of the universe which in turn drives my further activities. A perpetuum mobile of a sort.

I reckon my childhood has had the most important influence on my creative activity. An open minded home, no fear of asking inconvenient questions and tolerance to anything that is unusual contributed to the development of my world of creation.



4. Your favorite technique, materials?


Glass, clay and glazes are currently my favorite creation materials. But nothing is permanent. My life is uninterrupted sequence of changes.
Clay gives me a huge range of possibilities. The multitude of techniques for forming clay objects, decorating and then firing them means you can’t get bored with it. I don’t have any particularly favourite technique: I find so much enjoyment in clay for its versatile, almost limitless, possibilities.
As for glass, my favourite is the coloured, iridescent type used in Tiffany stained glass. The Tiffany method offers tremendous possibilities and may bring stunning results. And due to its labouriousness it teaches humbleness.
Glazes are an extremely important and fascinating material. On the one hand it is one of the basic materials used do decorate and secure ceramics: adds character, colour and gloss. On the other, due to their chemical and physical properties, glazes are the link between glass and clay. There one more intriguing thing about glazes – you may make them yourself. With some knowledge about the chemical and physical features of the components, and with some understanding of the firing process one can create unique, new glazes. Another creative element then.



5.What inspires you?

My direct source of inspiration are my emotions. These emotions are a reaction to the myriad experiences – both the everyday usual stimuli and the events that press their mark for long. An overheard conversation between two elderly ladies at the local market, death of a close person, Christmas song on the radio, friends’ wedding or a stroll in the woods. All this may become a seed of creation.


6. What do you do apart from art?

Day by day I am creating story of my life. 

7.Who would you like to be in 10 years? 

A free human being living somewhere in the country with a flock of happy sheep and cheerful rows of raspberry bush. In a self-designed home with a large light multi-craft studio, a kitchen ready to prepare a meal/party for 50 persons and a private library with a ladder to reach the topmost shelves .

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