Monday, November 12, 2012

POLetsy in Color - Oxblood

Oxblood is one of many names of wine colors. Burgundy, oxblood, dark red, maroon - all those words are associated with the Burgundy wine, which in turn is named after the Burgundy region of France. 
Oxblood, probably referring to the ancient practice of fining red wines with dry powdered blood. A bit creepy, right? 

Whatever the name, the color is a deep red, and although the shade can vary somewhat, it's a dark color, very much in keeping with the cooler season. 
As one of the top colors of autumn, oxblood appeared on many designers' runways for fall and winter 2012/2013. Therefore, it couldn't not appear in Poletsy in Color treasury. 

Here are the most beautiful oxblood colored things from Polish artists

Vintage french signboard in Paris, fine art photography, art deco, la metro, metropolitain, 5x7 (13x18) - AnnaKiperPhoto Small wallet - agnieszkamalik red magical love potion magic powder miniature light bulb mini bottle glass hollow glass brocade sparkling spring summer - MageStudio Burgundy Beauty ellegant  exclusive lacy angora stole scarf 4 seasons OOAK - MyLaceSpace
Christmas Time Cuddle Sack Red Tissavel Fur and Soft Cream Minky Fur - DataDesignBoutique Wire wrapped ruby earrings, sterling silver genuine red ruby earrings, wire wrapped jewelry handmade - kapelusznik electique electricity plaque photography, 5x5 print, red, burgundy, auburn, ecru, grey, gray, taupe, wall, urban chic, industrial, shabby - bialakura handmade cloth baby doll with a necklace - KIOSC
Fish Parade Bookmark "Danish-fish" FREE SHIPPING - BartekDesign Red Heart Sleep Mask - PomponDesigns Jasper, Faceted Cherry Ruby Red Jade and Agate pendant necklace hand made - vertverre bunny girl in claret dress, crochet toy,  rabbit - AmayArt
Modern oxblood burgundy bracelet / deep red lace bracelet / lace jewelry / Fall Fashion - Decoromana Curiosity on Mars - a soutache bracelet - KapitanAlice 3 in 1 Red bow leather brooch hand made retro, set of 3 brooches - ArtGlassGreen Chunky Scarf Knitted in dark pink chunky scarf cowl handknitted long scraf  fuschia amaranth - AlbadoFashion

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