Friday, November 23, 2012

FEATURED SELLER - Bartek Dubinski - BartekDesign

Bartek Dubinski is the person behind BartekDesign  an Etsy store with custom textile creations.  

 1. Tell us something about yourself

My name is Bartek Dubinski, I'm Polish but for several months I've been living in a small town in Holland. I moved here, because I wanted a 180 degree change in my life. I did it a few times and it always had been a good decision. I'm a young guy who enjoys life.

2. How did you start to sew?

When I was 6 years old, I used to take my mom’s old dresses and transform them into new clothes for dolls and bears – I guess I was different kind of child… From there it was only a few steps to start making, repairing and altering clothes for life-size people!
Through time, I have worked hard to expand the scope of my skills, which was often difficult because my grandmother’s sewing machine did not want to cooperate. But I didn't give up. I watched lots of professionals at work, read and experimented a lot, and tried to sew more and more difficult things. And finally, I got to the point to try designing something myself. And of course a new sewing machine made putting these ideas into life a lot easier too.

 3. Your favorite technique, materials?

I like natural fabrics, like cotton, linen, wool, silk. I'm always looking for good quality fabrics and therefore I never buy via Internet. I always have to touch and feel fabrics. If it speaks to me, I usually end up buying it.
Colors and prints are very important for me . I like something unusual, surprising (cow print, self painted silk) although classics like tartans and stripes always appeal to me.

4.What inspires you?

The most inspiring for me are people and conversations with them. I share ideas with them. An interesting answer comes out, albeit I don't always follow them. I have to be fully convinced of the idea in order to let it happen.
Music is important for me too. It's a part of my work. Each project was created with a different song in my mind or literally in the background, playing as I am working.
Nature inspires me as well. It has the best color matches ever!

 5. What do you do apart from sewing?

Gardening is my second love after sewing; actually it was my official first study and I always loved it. I work in gardens a lot, I help friends to create gardens. In my tiny garden in Holland I have my own vegetables and flowers. This work relaxes me and is a nice escape from sewing.
I also like cooking. I never use recipes. I open my fridge and start cooking. A modern word to describe my cooking would be fusion kitchen I guess. Combine the things you love and make something new.
I love table games. Rummikub, Mexican Train, Skip-Bo and many more can steal away a whole evenings with friends.
And not to be forgotten: reading, baking, blogging and selling on Etsy.

 6.Who would you like to be in 10 years?

I hope that my work will continue to be my driving passion and allow me to lead a happy life. Having work and earning a living from doing something you love to do is the greatest gift that you can have….

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