Friday, December 2, 2011

Crafting space - Iza (szalonaisa)

What a wonderful month. 
I was looking for an artist to present in this magical time
....and I found a perfect match!
I would like invite you to:

SZALONAISA's Wonderland of Quilling Designes
and Fine Art Photography

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1.What kinds of crafts do you do?

I make greeting cards in a very old technique called quilling of paper filigree.

It is all about paper strips that are handrolled, handshaped and glued together creating whatever you want.

I first saw quilled cards a couple years ago and it was love from first sight. I bought starter kit and become a "crafter"

2.Where do you create your works?

I have a crafting studio in my apartment... Ahhm, well it is a little corner in our living room ;) Sharing a one bed apartment with a crafter is not easy... I had annexed our dining table and from now I will call it my crafting table :)

3.What (if anything) in your workspace inspires you? 

This may sound a little bit strange, but in front of my crafting table I have large balcony window, and when I don't have an idea or I need a break, I just look out the window with a mug of hot coffee in my hand. It is really relaxing.    

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4. What kind of materials, tools you use most often? How do you store them?

Quilling is a paper art, so paper is my main craft material. I have all range of paper sheets but this is easy to store. I usually put them into a big heaps on my shelves. More challenging are quilling paper strips.

I make my cards from 3 mm wide strips. When they are new and unused You can pin them to the polystyrene board or if you prefer to the cork board, but the problem is when you have lots of 3 mm wide scraps, so I keep them in a separate cello bags which I store in a large tin. 

I also need a good quality PVA glue, lot of craft scissors and of course quilling needle :)

5. How do you organize your workspace? Do you have any organization tip/tool/tricks that can help others improve their workspace?

I rather disorganise my working space. You can call it a new order. 

But when I take a couple days off and everything is in place, it looks really organized. My papers are in big cello bags, my tools are in metal buckets on the shelf.

6. What is the one favourite thing in your craft room?

It is hard to call her a thing but my cat Szisza is my favourite helper. She always know how to interrupt me and avoid my anger :)

7. If you could change one thing in your craft room what would it be?

More space!!! 

Thank you so much for sharing Isa :)
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  1. Great interview ! Thank you for sharing, Isa :))

  2. Stunning work and beautiful photos! Congrats with the feature! Great interview! :)

  3. Great interview. Awesome cards! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the feature:)

  4. Fantastic interview!! Great job Iza!! :)

  5. It was great to take a peek into your world. I love "behind the scene" pics. And I love your cards :)

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