Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 Fixes To An Unproductive Week

Another unsatisfying day is turning into an unproductive week. You're probably tired of being in this rut? But finding a fix can prove difficult in the middle of a busy week. And it is especially important now during the super busy holiday season.

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Below are three symptoms of a bad week, and three tips for turning it around:

1) You had a poor plan or no plan – You choose to go through your day without a plan, instead jumping from one pop-up task to another “Whack-a-Mole” style.
 *The Fix: Spend 15 minutes each Sunday and spend 5 minutes each morning with your planner, calendar, sticky notes or dry erase board, preparing a task list and schedule that cover your important activities e.g. "prepare packages and go to the post office", "inventory and organize new supplies", "pay my etsy bill" and so on.
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2) You had unrealistic expectations – The to-do list in your is just too darn big, an “everything but the kitchen sink” list and you fell short because a) there wasn’t enough time, or b) the timing was wrong.
*The Fix: Estimate the time of each task you want to accomplish and compare it to the time slots you see available in your planner or add specific start and finish times to each of the items on your list. What doesn’t fit must be delegated or pushed to another day. A successful to-do list gets completely checked off. Strive for this victory each day.

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3) You got distracted: Whether it’s a sudden urge to see what's on the tv, somebody trying to skype with you,  browsing thru treasuries and other sellers that turns into hours or messing about on Facebook, all distractions lead you away from what truly needs to get done.
*The Fix: Say “no” to skype requests, don't surf the net for more than 20 minutes at a time, and stay disciplined to follow your daily priorities. Your plan is a personal commitment, so don’t let yourself down.
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A final word of advice – You expect slow traffic on snowy days, right? So make sure you plan your day for the delays, tangents, and detours life throws at you. Leave time each day for the unexpected and a little extra time for yourself. Give yourself a little breathing room each day. Remember: it's ok to schedule 30 more minutes for lunch and spend that time skyping, watching tv or going for a walk.

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  1. OMG .. now I have no excuse !

    Just go back to work

    great article

    so simple advice to follow and it works

  2. Cool, useful information! A well organised time is needed.
    I will use good advice.
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