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In honor of Vivi/Maggie/Baglady/Małgosia.

In honor of Vivi/Maggie/Baglady/Małgosia. 

2 months ago we lost our dear friend. Our Vivi (Małgosia) passed away....
She was loved by so many and she will be missed so much.

Małgosia, owner of
and author of

Małgosia was such a remarkable person and a true artist. Her great heart, sense of humour and generosity were so loved by many of us, not only in Poland, or on Poletsy. She was such a vigorous person.
We admired her strength, diligence and persistence. Despite fighting her illness, difficulties and bad fortune, she was still very cheerful. Her posting made us smile, she constantly motivated us to act and work, to dream. She encouraged, advised and helped us whenever she could.
She believed we would all become a huge success in the handmade world. :) This confidence was visible in her posting on forum, in her comments under our treasuries and BNRs.

Not only was she a designer and maker of beautiful bags and accessories, but also a promoter of crafts and handmade items on Polish blogs. 
She was the one who encouraged us to sew, knit, crochet and simply create, and of course to show our work to the world.
Her blog contains not only tutorials and numerous pieces of advice, but also fragments of her book she wanted to publish. Her writing takes your breath away and you just want more.
She was also describing the struggle with cancer - I am sure that it was, and still is, so needed by many ill people and their families.

Here are a few words about Małgosia that the members of the Poletsy team wanted to share with you

My first sale happened thanks to Vivi and her BNR.
The craziness of promoting our shops on the owner’s birthday was such a beautiful idea of hers. Even if she had problems with her computer, she didn't give up presenting our shops.
She had a great heart, indeed.

We also had our first sale thanks to Vivi's BNR. I simply loved her brilliant, sharp as a knife ripostes.
She was such a cheerful and sunny person, despite of everything.

I remember when I introduced myself for the first time on the forum. Vivi replied: "Małgosia welcomes Małgosia". I thought it was so nice.

annawoz says
I had an email conversation with Vivi and she advised me how to sew bags, as at the time I didn't know that. Some time later I received a package from her. It was supposed to be only a ribbon, but the box was full of many other craft gifts from her. :)

I learned how to sew in zippers into bags from Vivi's blog.

morion says
Sorry ladies, I can't. I keep reading her last words from her convo to me and I can’t stop crying.

bialakura says:
Oh, I also got a sale from Vivi's BNR. :)
And the BNR "know how".
And of course huge amounts of positive energy.

I learned what a BNR is thanks to Vivi and I got a sale thanks to her BNR.
I loved to read her blog.
I will always be amazed by her optimism, energy and strength to go further, despite anything and anyone. :) I wish everyone had so much strength as SHE did.

I miss you, Małgosia...

I never met her in person, but we stayed in touch for a few years. It was her who convinced me to open my small business. She offered me lots of encouragement and advice.
Sometimes we phoned each other, so I knew her voice - also so vigorous. When I heard her for the last time when she phoned me from hospital her voice was so weak…
And I still hear her words in my ears : "Ania, take care of yourself". ;(

I still can't believe Małgosia is gone.
I didn't meet her in person, we had plans to meet this summer, but we didn't make it... But I feel like we knew each others for ages.
She encouraged me to pull out my writing from my drawer and to share my shawls with other people (not only with moths ;)]
I am terribly sad, but I know that she doesn't suffer anymore in the place she is at the moment.
And she watches us all the time, so - let's get to work!

bayahta says
I was so sad, when I read about Małgosia's death. :(
But I’m happy I had a chance to meet her here on Etsy.
One thing I know - I'm gonna miss her chatting a lot...

I was away from Etsy for about a month, so I didn't have any idea what was happening here. I only knew that Vivi was in hospital and I think I was afraid to look at the forum not to learn about the worst.
I knew Małgosia only from the Poletsy forum and from Etsy conversations. But I didn't know another such a vigorous and positive person like she was. I am glad I did manage to make a clip earrings for her, but I regret that I didn't buy a bag from her (I just couldn't decide which one was the best). And now it's too late. When I think about this... all those trivial problems of ours are nothing. How often didn't I feel like doing anything because I was too lazy? And Gosia was sewing something all the time, always. Even when her sales weren't too good she kept saying that she needs to sew for the future. Sometimes I had a feeling that she wanted to live her life somewhat faster, more intensively. So now Gosia, it is time to rest...

Danfe says
She was a good person, kind to others, always helpful. She was a great individuality. It was an honor for me that I could meet her thanks to Etsy.
She advised me to buy a new pair of scissors. I use them all the time and every time I reach for them I have tears in my eyes. I will never forget her.

Oh..., I have just read Gosia is gone... we were supposed to meet in person, she had an open invitation to my home...
Me, endlessly depressed, was so impressed and uplifted by her optimism and strength.
I hope she is happy now.

Małgosia - our good spirit, our cheerful lady in rangers boots. :) She loved to live. She wanted to take from life as much as possible.
She dreamt about creating a strong brand of bags and accessories. I regret so much that I didn't manage to buy any of her beautiful bags - as Kornelia, I couldn't decide which one - they were all so gorgeous.
She was, and still is, a real hero to me.
Małgosia, thank you. For everything, for being you.


I have a request for you, our readers. Please, do one little thing for Małgosia and for yourself: stop for a while, look at the sky, look at the nature around you, think how wonderful it is to live, and smile to our Vivi.
And to those who are creating any kind of things - always believe in yourself like Małgosia believed in you. Dare to dream, dare to create. She would be so happy to see it. Or maybe she does see it.

Translated and narrated by FiliGraceJewelry.
All photos, sketch and designs by Vivi/Maggie/Baglady/Małgosia chosen by Koroneczka


  1. Małgosia was fantastic person. I really miss her.

  2. I think about you,Małgosiu....

  3. I miss her. She was wonderful person with big heart...

  4. 2 miesiące...bez Niej,kompletna pustka...Nie radzę sobie z tym.Wszystkim dziękuję za te słowa o mojej Siostrze,Małgosiu,gdzie jesteś?...

  5. Zdążyła swoją siłą obdzielić masę osób.Mnie też,mimo krótkiej i wirtualnej znajomości. Wierzę,że teraz jest naprawdę szczęsliwa.

  6. Małgosiu - cieszę się, ze zdążyłam Cię wirtualnie poznać - dziękuję za Twoje zachęty

  7. Serdeczna i otwarta.. mądra i silna. Brakuje mi Jej. Małgosiu.. czasem zadzieram głowę i się do Ciebie uśmiecham. Ty wiesz, czemu :)

  8. OMG! I was wandering how she was doing as I haven't seen her in the forum lately. I'm so, so sorry. She was such an awesome person. I miss her!


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