Monday, July 18, 2011

Featured shops of the week ...

1 row:
FiliGraceJewelry -
BozenaWojtaszek -
MadeBySunflower -

2 row:
FiveOClocks -
szalonaisa -
kapelusznik -

3 row:
LilNut -
joannafelt -
Danfe -


  1. Every week the same shops... ;)

  2. Thank you! :) the mosaic looks lovely.

  3. fantastic collection! beautiful

  4. Dear Anonymous - oh, how easy it is to comment, when you choose to be anonymous, isn't it? ;-)

    Anyone from Poletsy Team can participate in "Featured shops of the week" mosaic. If any team member visit team forum in last few weeks, they should easy find out about the mosaic. There is a thread about it and I can assure you - it's well visible. Just say f.e. "hi, I want to participate too" and put a link to your item. It isn't hard to do it. :) Just give us a signal. ;-)
    Some minimum activity is always welcome. At least in my opinion. :) Hey, if you want to be visible, be active! It's logical and normal on Etsy, I guess. ;-)

  5. Maybe Anonymous is not from Poletsy Team? Maybe it is a potential customer who noticed that mosaics are boring?
    Anonymous nr 2

  6. Dear Anonymous nr 2 :)
    At this time in Poletsy mosaic participate shops which gave a signal they want to take part in it. That's the rule for now. We are discussing whether to change it or not.

    And if the potential customer thinks that mosaics are boring, well, that's ok, his/her right to think so. But then he or she can always browse so many fabulous Poletsy team items under this link:
    Enjoy and have a good day. :)

  7. Oh I loooove this purple ring! :) And... I am at POLetsy - so can I get a chance to find my works in features of the week too? :) Will try to find it on the etsy site. :) Good to know, that I can... :)


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