Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poletsy Style

I thought I choose some nice, colorful creations today.
Creations that I would love to have, because they are so fresh, they are Spring and they are on my wish-list :).
Flowers, butterflies, clouds in the sky... that is more than Spring I wish for Summer already!

Porcelain Ring by MaaPstudio
Clouds in the Sky by karoart
Felt Case by galafilc
Photography by magnesina

Last week's mosaic, randomly chosen from your links is a mosaic by Jagienka, check her blog post here.

And what are your chosen creations, what style you are going to choose from our team shops? Make your mosaic and share it with us.


  1. przegapilam polesty style w ten weekend, ale dzis sie zmobilizuje ;)

    :) ciesze sie ze moja debiutencka mozajka przypadla wam do gustu ;)

  2. Lepiej pozno niz wcale. Wrzucilam swoje tutaj:


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