Thursday, November 11, 2010

ifONA's travels

November in Poland is a time, when Autumn ends and Winter comes. Let us take you to a sunny places today - Iwona is a winner of our Summer Postacard contest.

Summer is just a pleasant memories now. Where have you been? Where the winner-photo was taken?
I spent my summer holidays with my family on Kreta (Greece). It is a wonderful island. This photo was taken during our trip around the Island. We lent a car and my husband drove on hairpin bends and we screamed! Sometimes we stopped to make photos. Greece is the best place to make beautiful photos :)
What you like the most about your summer travel? And is there anything you didn't like?
Hmmm... I think the best thing was that we had a lot of time, we ere together and we could do everything we want :) And I didn't like bad weather!
What was the first thing you did after comming back home?
First thing was: to water my plants and to talk to our cat.
Were you trying to bring home new contacts, bussiness ideas etc.?
No. It was time for resting, relaxing and thinking about... nothing :)
Were anything inspiring in your journey?
I loved bright colours of plants, water, sky, fruits and I'm trying to remember, how they mix and I can ise these color-mix in my colourful scarfs now :)
Any travel plans for this winter?
My dream is spending few days in Paris only with my husband :) It's only a dream... But who knows? 
Follow Iwona's blog for more info about her work and life: and visit her shop, where you will find funny and colorful bags and scarfs - this Fall's best seller!


  1. Thank you very much :)
    I love my cat too :) Nika is British Shorthair cat and she is sweet :)

  2. No, żebym ja się musiała mordować z angielskim czytając wywiad ze swoją polską koleżanką? ;)

  3. Super!
    Kot jest fantastyczny choc do konca nie wiem gdzie ma glowe?!!

  4. To jest chyba Kot-Włóczka :D Ma kłębek zamiast głowy ;))

  5. Iwona, with so many sales as you've got, you can go to Paris or anywhere you want! You will become even more famous artist on Etsy :))) wish you luck!

  6. Dzięęęęki! Koronko - jak je się musiałam mordować pisząc, to ty się musisz pomordować czytając :)

    Kot pomaga mi wybierać włóczki na szaliki więc głowę ma w włóczkach :) Jak będę udzielać wywiadu tylko o kotach i torbach z kotami to dam zdjęcia z uśmiechniętym kotem :)


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