Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HOW TO make a print screen of your Treasury?

Etsy Treasury is one of most popular Etsy promotion tool. Make sure that your treasury can be seen not only by Etsians, but also by your blog visitors or Facebook fans. This short "how-to" tutorial is made by POLetsy member AnnaWoz. You will learn how to make "photo" of your treasury to place it wherever you want!

1, Open treasury you want to save. Reduce view by clicking CTRL and '-' (minus) at the same time.
When all 4 coulmns of treasury are on your screen, click "Prt Scr". 
2. In next step you can use every graphic software you have. I use Paint. 

Open Paint and and "paste" your print screen into it. Now click on little rectangular (dotted line) on left side. Your cursor will look like a cross.

Select the area youd like to save. 

And then:
a) in some Paint versions: click "Image" (in upper menu) and "Crop";
b) in others: click on selected area and drag it into the left corner.

If your 'crop' tool doesn't work and you dragged selected area into left upper corner, now you must find little dots. These dots are outside the pasted area (on the right side and down the picture).

Your cursor will be double-sided arrow. Click-and-drag this dot. Reduce the area. 

3. To save your treasury, click "File" (in upper menu) and "save as". Write name of treasury in and save as type "jpg". 

Now you can place this photo on your blog or Facebook!

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