Thursday, July 15, 2010

First PolETSY Team Meeting Report

Yesterday we arranged the first meeting of our Poletsy team.

Well, actually, ‘the team’ sounds silly since there were three of us – Ania who runs two Etsy shops annawoz and annakrycz , Monika, the owner of other two shops on Etsy hypericumfragile and hypericumhidcote and me – Joanna, the proud founder and humble owner (one sale) of PunkyShop

I should rather call us a Warsaw representation of the team.

Asia, Monika and Ania in Vapours of Absurdity
The meeting was held in Opary Absurdu (Vapours of the Absurdity), a bar where Monika spends her spare time with her colleagues from the theatre she works in. The place itself was absurd indeed, as if it was a lumber room. Though I enjoyed the comfortable furniture and various elements of decoration that looked like theatre scene taken from Bulhakov’s Master and Margarita. 
Having spent there six hours talking, laughing, gossiping and sharing precious pieces of Etsy business advice (lol) we still couldn’t go our ways home but were standing in the street at night and talking all over again! Our first Poletsy meeting was great for we are great! Soon we have to meet again, maybe next time in a bigger group? Come on and join us! There are still lots of things to talk about!

Have a look under our coffee table – Monika came with her current handicraft. She’s amazing!

Text and pictures - Joanna (PunkyShop)


  1. it would be nice to meet you! maybe next time:)

  2. Wow! Wonderful meeting in wonderful place (I love "Master and Margarita"!)!

  3. It was great to talk to the girls, but it would be even better to gather all of you in one place and meet one another. Oh, please, please - let's arrange the real meeting soon!

  4. So great! Happy to see you three making friends :)

  5. it looks like so much fun!
    I really hope to be able to participate in one eventually :)

  6. Wish we could've been there... Next meeting will be in Atlanta:)

  7. Ja tez chce takie spotkanie, tutaj w Nowym Jorku. Czy jest ktos w naszej grupie z NYC? Kontaktujcie sie ze mna pls, ja jestem bardzo fajna :DDDDD

  8. Wish I was there....maybe next year or even better maybe we can meet here in WA state :)


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