Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A New Dress in 10 Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered, how something was done? Follow our "how-to" series and learn new crafting and art techniques, photo editing and much more! You usually see the final result of hard work on Etsy, but POLetsy team members will lift the curtain on how everything was made.

A New Dress Creation in 10 Easy Steps by annawoz

Recycling is fun! To make this dress you will need some old clothes: man's shirt and girl's top.
1. Make from a man's buttoned down dress shirt and a color coordinated girls top. As a pattern guide, use another girl's top for the upper part of the dress. See photos below (which includes additional sewing items).

2. Remove sleeves from the girl's top by cutting along the seam line.
3. Make a cut for the front of the neck and arms where you can see pin in the photo.
4. Measure and cut the length of the top to a level line. It is 32 cm in my case.
Then you will need to shorten the sides by 2 cm so this bottom line will then be slightly curved.
5. Make the back neck curve slightly shallower then neck line in the front neck of the top.
6. Make a cut straight line for the back of the top.
7. Measure the man's shirt to the appropriate length of the skirt of the dress (40 cm in my case). Fold skirt piece as seen in photo.
8. Use one of the man's shirt sleeves for the dress sleeves. Fold the man's sleeve in half and measure against dress pattern for the top of the dress. Pay attention to the length of the underarm cut. Cut the length (20 cm in my case). Make sure the sleeves are not too narrow.
9. Leftover fabric from the top were used as follows:

a. finishing stripes sleeves and the skirt (photo 9,9a,9b)

b. 5 narrow strips to make belt
c. 3 circles for yoyo's in place of buttons

10. You may now proceed sewing the above pieces together. Fold raw edges of neckline to inside and sew top stitching around the neck edge.
Machine sew everything together.
Hem edges of sleeves and dress.
Use your imagination to add your own creativity.
Thank you Anna!
Also big "thank you" for RenataandJonathan and Jonathan's mom for helping with tutorial descriptions!


  1. Wow! I can just sew bags for shopping. I admire the skill and creativity.

  2. very nice tutorial! thank you for sharing!

  3. Simply awesome :) I have a lot of old clothes and a sewing machine - it's time to use them!

  4. Unbelievable!
    Thanks to you I want to go back to sewing!

  5. I'm pretty impressed! What a beautiful dress and wonderful tutorial. Ania, great job! Thanks!

  6. Anna brilliant job!!!and I love this dress!!

  7. Wow, a deep bow to the master of recycling! Awesome tutorial!

  8. Great tutorial!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Hi! Your tutorial on this unique dress creation is great! So glad to have been a wee bit of assistance--I am happy to help whenever I am needed. Love, Jonathan's Mom

  10. Great tutorial, Aniu ! You are so creative ! Congratulations :)

  11. Beautiful dress and wonderful tutorial!

  12. Amazing work! You make pictures of every step! I am so impressed!

  13. WOW!!! fantastic tutorial! it looks so easy to do! thank you!

  14. So cute and great tutorial! thanks for sharing.


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