Tuesday, April 27, 2010

let's go to Łowicz - land of cut-outs

traditional cutting tool, picture by akubica

I want to invite you to visit a very special place. It's here, where polish cut-outs were born and refined to an art. Łowickie wycinanki, as we call it, are very colorful and detailed, they are made of multiple layers of color paper. The most popular patterns are flowers and birds, especially roosters. But you can as well find cut-out scenes of everyday life. There is also a tradition in Łowicz of decorating building's walls with colorful floral paintings.
There are still a lot of people (mainly wemen), who make cut-outs. You can meet them at the local handmade shows, watch them work, buy some cut-outs. You can also check their works in the web. And there are many young artists, who are inspired by cut-outs, some of them are active on Etsy too.
So, come with me to Łowicz:)

house painted with flowers, picture by akubica

colorful house, picture by akubica

windows with flowers, picture by akubica

Wanda Brzozowska making cot-outs, picture by akubica

Maria Brzozowska-Kosińska making cot-outs, picture by akubica

gallery of polish cot-outs, picture by www.polishfolkart.com

Polish folk art - easter - decoupage lanyard, picture by joannajewellery

Polish wycinanki bird cards, picture by Pressbound

Polish rooster felt brooch, picture by bialakura

Want more? Polish pavillon on expo 2010 is a big cut-out. You can try to make a copy of it yourself: just print pdf take scissors and try!


  1. Gorgeous works!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. This post is really interesting, thanks for spreading the informations about so wonderful Polish craft!

  3. Thanks for this glimpse of a traditional craft being handed down through the generations. The village looks like it belongs in a fairy tale - magical!

  4. Agnieszka, fantastic jouurney! I'm happy there are some cut-out style items on Etsy too :)

  5. great post! thanks for sharing and for promoting this awesome tradition :)

  6. Thank you so much ! Great topic :) It gives Jonathan a little glimpse of Poland :)))

  7. Many thanks for taking me for such a wonderful trip. All you wrote about cut-outs is interesting and the pics are amazingly beautiful.

  8. Great works! I like this style!

  9. Always have been fascinated by this technique. You and yours do it so well. Absolutely divine !

  10. Great article, Agnieszka! I love the paper cut outs, my nana used to have a lot of them. Reminds me of childhood...

  11. I just found 7 lovely poster size paper cut outs of roosters and flowers. They are beautiful but very dusty - how do I restore them and what is their value - they were made in the 195o's


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