Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jasmine, Proms and Lilies

My Sunday mornings smell jasmine tea. It's a time, when only good news can be delivered - a perfect way to start new week.
It's so nice, when your work is being appreciate. Lot of POLetsy items were featured on Etsy FP, voters and storque already. annakrycz's purse rules Earth Day - it was on the 2nd place in last week voter. Congrats, Anna!
In a new voter you can vote for Etsy Prom Queen. We keep our fingers crossed for paktas and her Leather Envelope Clutch!
We're having fun not only with voter, but also with making Treasuries this week. Treasuries are a fantastic way to show people your favorite items and artists. Etsy has created new Treasury list (they call it "East"), which never expires. If you are looking for something extraordinary or one of the kind, treasuries are MUST SEE. Some of them are simply stunning, e.g. this one below, curated by DagnyKnit.
Etsy Admins are going to feature some of Treasuries East on Etsy FP on Tuesday. Thrilling, isn't it? :) I'm sure you have your favorite Treasuries, why don't you share them with us? Post links in a comment below, we will click all of them!
I wish you a wonderful Sunday, Friends!

P.S. I'm so glad to see so many of you following our "new born" blog, I hope all of you entered our first giveaway :) if not, remember - giveaway ends on Thursday!


  1. Collection Lily of the Valley is so beautiful!

  2. Jasmine tea you say... Great choice, I love it;) And this Treasury - it's so delicate and really beautiful:)

  3. Linen purse is beautiful, fully deserved voter's success:)

  4. Just found fantastic T:
    Simply gorgeous!

  5. tea in the morning? no way! Only coffee. Doppio.

  6. @Anonymous: I don't drink coffee :) and I need a tea with good smell in the morning.


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