Saturday, November 17, 2012

What kind of product to sell on Etsy

Before you begin opening a store on Etsy, consider one very important thing, and that would be: what you want to sell.

Etsy is an original place to showcase handmade products and vintage articles, but not everything is allowed, so make sure you get familiar with the policies and „DOs and DON'Ts”, (another words: what can and cannot be sold on Etsy)

As you are choosing handicrafts for your store,
consider your own creativity, talent and love of creating a particular product. Many people who register with Etsy make their decision based on what they perceive to be the needs of their future clients, and that is not necessarily the road to success as an artist.

Your product must be:

  1. original – different from other items available for sale on Etsy. If you determine that there are already multiple stores with items similar to yours (ei. jewelry), set yourself apart with something unusual (ei. use of unconventional materials, colors, or form, or photograph it from a different perspective)
  2. high quality – now, we don't mean a handmade bar of gold, but rather durable articles which will not fall apart the moment you touch them, and which were created with attention to detail, something the artist put their heart into.
  3. possible to sell – you may not believe this but there are products out there for which no end user exists, and no one wants to buy. When you're planning to sell on Etsy you must consider the question "Is there a market for what I'm selling?" (will clients buy what I am selling?)
  4. a reflection of you, your character and your creativity.
(article in Polish HERE - artykuł po polsku TUTAJ)

(picture: AMradio)

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