Wednesday, November 7, 2012

News desk: meeting with Etsy’s International Business leaders

Did you know that Etsy has members in almost 200 countries around the world?
Today, one-third of transactions on Etsy involve buyers or sellers living outside the US — that means millions of items have been transported across the globe through Etsy.
That’s why people often ask “When is Etsy launching in my home country?” The answer is “Etsy is already there”.

True. Along with the first snowfall this season, we welcomed two Etsy guests in Poland: Kruti - International Business leader, and Zane - from the International Business team.

We met on October 29th, in a club & bookstore called Czuły Barbarzyńca (The Tender Barbarian) in the Powiśle district in Warsaw. More than ten members of the Poletsy team took part in this first visit of Etsy representatives to Poland, generally dedicated to Etsy's future in our country.

from the left: Monika Mokka five oclock / Maryla Craft by Maryla / Ania miniART Anna Kiper Photography / Ania cutrag / Andrzej Craft by Maryla / Kruti / Łukasz E-Muu Galeria / Zane / Iza PixelsTransfer / Kamil E-Muu Galeria / Justyna delectare

The first part of our meeting was concentrated on the handmade market in Poland. We were asked lots of detailed questions on the nature of this market. The Etsy leaders were interested in everything, from the overall to the details. We discussed the situation of buyers in Poland, their preferences, capabilities, likes, and attitudes towards Etsy. We told our stories as makers of the handmade stuff. Kruti and Zane were eager to learn about who we are and how we work, how we came across Etsy, what we think of it, what we like and dislike about it, and why.

Next, it was our turn to ask questions, and Kruti and Zane gladly answered. We realized how big the Etsy market is, how much its sellers and buyers are different, with their various needs and expectations. We learned that Etsy supports all good ideas born in the teams.

We are happy that Etsy wanted to learn about our country and the conditions we are creating in. The heated discussion during the meeting made us realize that there is a lot of potential of growth in our group, even though not fully used until now.

Written by Ania


  1. I am glad that the meeting was successful;
    great photo!


  2. I was there :) really, very nice meeting.

  3. Hopefully I will join you, if there'll be next meeting! :) Nice to see you all!

  4. I regret I do not live in Warsaw! Great photo, nice to see how you look =D

  5. Interesting and nice meeting,thank You!!!


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