Sunday, May 27, 2012

creative material - felt

Dorota from DevikaFelt says: for me it is very important to have a good quality wool to make my felted balls. If the wool is of a poor quality your felted balls will never look and feel nice, and it is also so much easier and faster to work with a good quality wool. I want my customers to see from the very first moment when they receive their product, that it was made of a good quality wool, it feels soft, the wool hair are not sticking out and it just looks good and elegant.  I love creating necklaces using not only my felted balls, but mixing them with other types of beads. My last series of multi-strand necklaces contain felted balls as well as wooden and ceramic beads and vintage style metal beads, and I really like how it looks together in the final product.

Magdalena from Feltik says: I love using wool and felt as a material for my jewelry for many reasons. First of all it is a natural fiber, so it is eco friendly. Wool and felt are very versatile and plastic materials, there's almost no limits how you can use them. Felt and wool can be transformed into many items in various shapes and textures. It is also long lasting and durable material so if you take good care of your felt items (in my case jewelry) you will enjoy it for a very long time.

Maryla from CraftbyMaryla says: I’m felting because it is the next step  in my long lasting fascination with natural materials such as linen, silk, wool. And felt is the best we can make of wool!  There are no limits to what can be created with it. That’s  I like most about it. It is amazing how beautiful it can be when combined with silk, linen or cotton, it can be durable, thick, structural, or very thin, delicate and airy. You can make very different things with felt. Functional elements of our wardrobe, including shoes or slippers, as well as jewellry and decorative household items. Felted things can be washed like other delicate materials such as silk, but only by hand in lukewarm water with a mild soap. It can be squeezed in a towel and returned gently to previous  shape. After drying, it keeps the shape given. Felt, wool is actually very creative material.

Danuta from Danfe says:  I use a nuno felting technique which is a wet felting technique that allows to combine wool material with a smooth one as silk or chiffon. Felted  wool completely connects with this material, which allows you to make very light and yet warm hats, scarves, slippers, bags. Wet felting technique gives me endless possibilities for creating fantasy art jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings. Color and warmth of felt jewellry makes it the perfect match for autumn and winter outfits.

Dorota from Albado says: I try to learn something new every day, recently while making felted accessories I try to combine wool with silk or linen with interesting effects, felt becomes more delicate.  I also recently started to do larger forms ie. bags. I like that felted items are unique, OOAK, and that gets attention. Working with wool gives me much joy!


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