Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crafting space - Magnesina

In blooming May I want to take you in Charming world of Photographs by Magnesina
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1.What kinds of crafts do you do?

I grab my camera and my creativity appears. I observe life and catch beautiful short moments in photographs.

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 I call this activity “cropping the world”. Then I use my computer and software for photographers and do post processing on my photographs. I can do it for hours :)

2.Where do you create your works?

I love photographing in the open air. When I
photograph for my pendants or still life, I also use my room and basic equipment. I haven’t got my own workshop, but I dream about it.


3.What (if anything) in your workspace inspires you?

The earth is my workspace, so almost everything inspires me. Mostly nature, people, human emotions, simple little things around me

4. What kind of materials, tools do you use most often? How do you store them? 

My main tool is a Nikon DSLR and several lenses. My favourite lens in Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 and I also love to use the macro adapter. My photographs are printed by a professional lab on premium acid-free, archival paper, that has a great finish, and beautiful colours. I hang them in frames on the walls, pin to a pin board or fridge and use as presents for my friends :) I also use jewellery supplies to create wearable art.

5. How do you organize your workspace? Do you have any organization tip/tool/tricks that can help others improve their workspace?

I shouldn’t give any advice. I work in a “creative mess” ;)

6. What is the one favourite thing in your craft room?

My camera!

7. If you could change one thing in your craft room what would it be?

I would like to have my own photography workshop with huge windows, white wooden floor and cozy interior. I also dream about better and better equipment: new camera, bright lenses, big monitor...

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  1. She's a great artist and her photographs are really amazing!

  2. I love Magnesina photos, they are simply beautiful!

  3. I love all of Magnesina's photos. It's great to find out more about her process and work space:)

  4. I feel honoured to be here! Thank you very much for this article!


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