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Crafting space - stitchinnetka

April ! April ! April is here ...
and spring .. and Easter Time ... and colors

april Crafting Space is visiting

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I asked the owner to say few words about herself :) 

My name is Aneta, I'm owner of 'Stitchinnetka'.
I'm a maker, crafter,sewer, photographer, gardener,chef etc...but most of all mom, that is totally inspired to create by kids and for kids.

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My little inspirational crowd of 4 kids motivates me to work every day, they fill me with fantastic ideas and a tremendous drive to keep making more creations.
I love anything handmade, process and product.
I'm hopping to engage children in that act of making, let them appreciate our fantastic ability to change our dreams, imagination into reality.

I have been making designs for kids, mostly fabric banners, bags,notebooks, toys and clothing. I absolutely love fabric prints,and by making everyday objects I would love to expose kids to interesting and cheerful designs. Everybody, especially kids,should have life filled with great colors and patterns.

1.What kinds of crafts do you do?

I was born and raised in Poland where I have learned many different crafts: sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery.
My biggest passion is designing and sewing for kids, and for that reason my Etsy shop came to live.
I specialize in making accessories and gifts for kids.

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My kids are my biggest inspiration and motivation to design more, they put a lot of requests for new designs and crafts all the time.
I hope one day to finally start making kids clothing. 
For now,apart for making inventory for my store per special requests of my two daughters I do love making unique and fancy dress-up clothing for girls. As it comes to my boys, they only request t super hero masks and muffins.

2.Where do you create your works? 

Most of my works I create in my little studio room at night or early mornings, that involves lots of cutting and machine sewing.
Having kids, really makes me manage my time in a very particular way.

They tought me how to fit the most amount of work in short blocks of time. The most intensive work I have to do when they are in bed.
Work that I can do without using sewing machine or iron, I will try to schedule for late afternoon, when a couch in the living room becomes my creative center. That way I can hang out with my family, watch a movie or a show. I truly love that creative spot:). One of the great perks of owning your business. I can choose when and how I want to work.

3.What (if anything) in your workspace inspires you?

Definitely my computer is a tremendous source of inspiration and motivation. That's where I store my photos, internet finds, favorite blogs etc. 

Besides that, my big inspiration is my sewing desk and inspirational wall where I pin my special little finds, pictures that my kids draw, ends of trims, little finds from small and big trips etc. 
Also my fabric stashes are giving me a lot of ideas what to make next. Just a simple act of organizing them in groups of color or patterns create next idea for a great project. 

But I think rewording inspiration is making special gifts for birthdays, that is super exciting motivation. I love giving kids a very unique and personalized creations that bring sparkles in their eyes.

4. What kind of materials, tools do you use most often? How do you store them? 

I work mostly with fabric, many different colors, mostly cotton and felt. My shelves and closet are filled with tons of colors and pattern. I can openly admit that I do have a fabric obsession, and I can't leave a craft store without at least one new addition to my collection.

Besides fabric, I work a lot with embroidery floss. I truly love hand sewing, it is a beautiful calming process of meditation. I try to design more items that involve hand sewing. 
It's a great way to add uniqueness and special magic to my creations.

Since I sew a lot , sewing machine is my #1 tool. I use it pretty much everyday. And that applies to scissors (that I never can have too many), rotary cutter, pins and needles. I store all of that on my sewing desk, easily accesible and ready to use 24/7.

For some reason, I don't like putting my tools away.
I feel like having them out in my studio, creates the need to make something new all the time. 

5. How do you organize your workspace? Do you have any organization tip/tool/tricks that can help others improve their workspace? 

Since my studio is pretty small being organized is very important. I always look for animprovements and new tricks.
So far I love containers!
I think I will never have enough of those. Especially clear plastic boxes, size of a shoe box, are my favorite.

That's where I store my pre cut pieces of fabrics for specific designs, trims, buttons etc. It so easy and convenient to stuck them up (saving space)and find the right project piles in no time. 

As it comes to storing fabrics, I'm a big fan of IKEA style cubical shelves, great way to organize fabric by colors, prints etc. 

I'm visual person, so I do like to see most of my materials out in open. That keeps me inspired and updated on what I have.

6. What is the one favourite thing in your craft room? 

I love my desk with all its creative plies of projects in progress, my kids' drawings, little inspirational trinkets. I love its energy that allows my creativeness bloom. No borders and restrictions here, pure acceptance of unfolding process of turning imagination into reality.

7. If you could change one thing in your craft room what would it be? 
I would be absolutely happy, if I had powers to make some drastic changes in my craft room.
My wish list is pretty long, but if that has to be only one thing I would make my creative space 8 times bigger with 10 times more windows. I love natural light for its energizing powers and the best photo effects.
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I love shooting photos for my creations in natural light and so that way I would have a permanent shooting spot in front of nice big window. 
Also my kids love to hang out with me in my studio, so having a bigger space would allow me to fit a couch and table just for them. My kids are a part of my creative process, so they need to have their space in my craft room as well.

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It was such a lovely visit Aneta. Thank you so much for sharing  :)

I am a big fan of her awesome cheerful Blog
don't forget to check it out :)
You can like 'stitchinnetka' on Facebook
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and of course she is also at Pinterest

And now take a look to Aneta Etsy shop:

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  1. jaka klimatyczna pracownia :) uwielbiam takie. pełne materiałów, maszyn, kolorów, wszelakich różności :)

  2. zgadzam się z Zuzą, świetna pracownia.. i urocze dzieci :)

  3. Very nice interview, lovely [huge! ;)] crafting space. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice interview, Aneta. I love your studio/work space.

  5. Love the interview! Love all of the items in your shop! So fun and full of color:)

  6. Love this Aneta! Your cotton reel collection is gorgeous!

  7. Great interview Aneta I love your cubes of fabric they are so inspiring!


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